Jul 242010

This was the first official outing of the Functional Fishaholics.  We decided to hit up French Creek in beautiful Chester county.  The day was a little hot for fishing from shore but we caught a few and had a great time!

French Creek Early Morning

This is the view from near the boat launch of Hopewell Lake.  Looks like the pros get their boats out early on this lake.

French Creek Lillypads

We started fishing the lillypads near the park entrance.  We saw some small Largemouth Bass but nothing was biting in this shallow water.

French Creek Fishing From Shore

We made our way down the trail along the lake and fished a few of the open spots in the treeline.

First Perch Catch At French Creek

There were a lot of snags in the trees but eventually we started catching some Perch and Bluegill.

Shore Fishing French Creek

We soon moved to the other side of the lake near the dam.  There were a lot more open areas and more Bluegill.

Perch on Hopewell Lake, French Creek

As the day and water warmed up the bites got less and less.  This was the last (and best) fish we caught all day.  This Perch was caught on the tip of the fishing pier with a small rubber Bluegill lure.

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