Aug 072010

We hit up the new spot at about 6am.  It was about 70F outside and the water was most likely warmer as there was steam rising from the lake as we pulled up.  It was also partly cloudy.  Not bad fishing weather for an August day in Southeastern PA.

The fish kept biting until around 9am.  Here are some pictures of what we caught:

19" Chain Pickerel

This was the first catch of the day (mine).  A beautiful 17″ Chain Pickerel.  It was caught with a Berkley Gulp black grub minnow with a twirly worm tail.  The bait was placed on a larger worm hook and fished at a medium speed.  This Pickerel CRUSHED the bait and put up a great fight.

The rest of the day was all about Largemouth Bass.  This Bass was caught with a topwater minnow lure.  This bass and the ones to follow were all around 15″ but varied in weight.

Another Beautiful Largemouth caught with the same topwater lure.  These guys were fighters.

I nabbed this one with an all black buzz bait fished at a medium speed on top of the water.

And another falls to the “lucky” topwater minnow bait

This was the last decent catch of the day.  At about 9am the sun came up and the big fish stopped biting.  We caught a few Bluegills and a Crappie but other than that this was the last decent Bass we caught.

This new spot was amazing.  It was almost as if all of the smaller fish were too scared to bite.  We saw lots of interesting wildlife including a large snapping turtle that was about 2ft in diameter!  Our strategy of hitting the edges of the lily pads before it got too hot outside really payed off in some decent fish.  Next time I would like to arrive about an hour earlier and perhaps try out some live minnows.  This spot has some amazing potential and we even had bent hooks and beat up lures after battling some fish we couldn’t bring in.

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