Aug 262010

Hooked up with some of the OGs for some fishing above the dam at Green Lane Reservoir.  I got there at about 6pm and fished until they kicked us out.

Again, the fish seemed pretty cold to everything but live bait.  Night Crawlers and Red Worms did the trick.  We fished from shore near the surface and on the bottom of water that was about 10′ deep.

Wish I could say something other than worms worked but I threw a bunch of different lures and not even a hit.

My catch included one Largemouth Bass and two White Perch they were all about 7-8″ long.  Here are their mugshots:

White Perch 1 Green Lane Park

White Perch 2 Green Lane nightcrawler and float

Last but not least:  I’m including this at the BOTTOM of the post…  One of the OGs happened to catch the lunker of the day!  The OGs or “original gangsters” are where Functional Fishaholics end up when they get old.  These are people like parents, uncles and other old heads that have accomplished enough in life to now be able to fish whenever they want instead of having to endure “the sickness” of wanting to fish but having to work.

We would invite these seasoned pros into our group but lets face it, they have WAY more time to fish and they always show us up!

Check out this great 17″ Chanel Catfish! (Too bad it doesn’t count for the Fish Count!)

Chanel Catfish Green Lane Night Crawler

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