Aug 292010

In our latest adventure FIVE of the Functional Fishaholics made an early run to the upper portion of Green Lane Reservoir.  Yes folks the Fishaholics were standing in line when the ranger rolled up at 6:35 to open the gate to this fishing wonderland!

Our goal for the day was to rent some of Green Lane’s electric motor boats and get out to the harder to access parts of the lake.  Much to our surprise there were only TWO functional electric motor boats available and thanks to my “O we don’t have to wait in line there is plenty of boats” we ended up getting stuck with oars only.

While we train HARD to be Functional Fishaholics in prime physical shape, let’s face it, we have desk jobs and we like beer…  Manual labor is not our strong suit but after doing multiple donuts while trying to paddle in a straight line we finally got our lines in the water.

At this point in the year the water in the Reservoir looks like a thick pea green soup.  The fish were not hunting by sight so loud lures or live bait were the only things that were going to pull in good fish.

Smallmouth Bass Green Lane Reservoir

J got the first catch of the day.  This Smallmouth was caught with a suspending jerkbait lure.

White Perch Green Lane - Montgomery county fishing

Here is a White Perch caught on a small Rattletrap

Largemouth Green Lane Reservoir

This Largemouth Bass was caught near the side of a rock wall.  The water got very deep next to this wall and there were a lot of nooks and crannies that produced most of the fish we caught that day.  This Bass was caught with a nightcrawler.

20" Channel Catfish Green Lane Reservoir

This was my beautiful catch of the day!  20″ Channel Catfish caught with a nightcrawler.  This Catfish hit my bait as soon as it landed in the water.  I was convinced I had a Largemouth on the line but after a great fight I pulled this guy aboard.  Suddenly getting skunked the day before was OK!

27" Channel Catfish Green Lane Reservoir

I thought I had the catch of the day until…  While bringing in a HUGE Bluegill I noticed B’s other line also had a fish on it.  We had put a chunk of fish on a huge hook to see if we could pull in any large Channel Catfish and it worked!  This 27″ Channel Catfish was pulled in after a 10 minute fight.  Watch for the video to go up on the YouTube site very soon!

Bluegill Green Lane Reservoir

Here’s another Bluegill

White Perch Green Lane Reservoir

Another White Perch

Bluegill taken on worm Green Lane Reservoir

And to finish up the day another Bluegill

We had a great time on Green Lane Reservoir.  Even though we got stuck with row boats we caught some awesome fish.  As the day warmed up the fishing just kept getting better.  Out of all the times I’ve fished Green Lane this was by far the most productive.  Hopefully we’ll get some electric motors next time!

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