Aug 082010

Keeping spots confidential is pretty lame but the past two spots we’ve been checking out are unique bodies of water in Bucks and Montgomery counties that other anglers have long since forgotten.  They are clean, untouched and full of fish.  I’d love to share their locations but I’m just having TOO much fun!

I’ll give you a hint ranks this site #1 in Pickerel in Bucks County.  My first fishing trip to this site was fairly boring.  We did a mid-day shore fishing trip which due to the heat and the lack of fishable shoreline meant we were reduced to catching Bluegill.

This site is all about lily pads.  Most of the lake is covered with large and small sized lily pads.  There is a really nice boat launch area and from the looks of it the middle of the lake is crystal clear.  This spot will be a contender for early morning fishing and should be great once the water cools down a bit.  Just like fishing spot #1 this area was CLEARLY a body of water that time had forgot.

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