Aug 222010

What started out as a quick fishing trip ended up being a grand tour of the Green Lane Reservoir

Spot #1 above the main dam at the Green Lane Reservoir was my original target but due to light rain they closed the gate to the park at 3pm when I arrived (note: it barely rained the rest of the day)

Spot #2 was farther up near the private boat launch off of Walt rd.  I fished this spot for a while but it was too warm for any good action.  I saw some carp jumping but that was the only sign of life.  If you can get out on this body of water and fish the deeper areas you should have better luck.

Spot #3 after coming up dry at the last two fishing holes I figured I’d give ol’ Deep Creek a try.  The Deep Creek lake at Green Lane is a great spot for fun fishing.  Bluegills abound and according to local legend (and there be some Channel Cats in dem waters!

I only stayed for about an hour but I saw lots of baby painted turtles and caught the bluegills below…

Both were taken on night crawlers but as it got darker something larger was checking out the topwater lure I was also fishing.

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