Aug 282010

Well here we are back at the ol’ secret spot again!  If you’ve been following the blog you know we first visited this spot on 8-7 and we caught some SERIOUS fish (for a small lake).

While the fishing was a little bit slower this time we did end up pulling out some OK fish and as always had a great time just being Functioning Fishaholics!

Sunrise at the secret spot

We arrived with the canoe early and while the camera can’t hold a candle to the real thing, the view of the sun rising over the steaming lake was something awesome from another world.

First Bluegill of the day - Montgomery county fishing

The first catch of the day!  Bluegill??!!!???  Last time it was a Pickerel…  This Bluegill was caught on a topwater lure.

Largemouth Bass - Montgomery county fishing

The next fish was a Largemouth Bass which I believe was also caught on a topwater lure.

Bluegill - Montgomery county fishing

J caught 2 more Bluegill before I had my first catch of the day.  This Bluegill was all about nightcrawlers as I just couldn’t get my act together with lures that day!

Another Largemouth Bass - Montgomery county fishing

Another Largemouth taken by a topwater lure

Another Bluegill - Montgomery county fishing

Another wonderful Bluegill for me!

Largemouth Bass LUNKER - Montgomery county fishing

Lunker alert!  This nice Largemouth was caught by J using a black and silver fleck Sluggo.  We didn’t get a chance to measure or weigh this one but I would say it was at least 18″ and 2-3lbs.

We also caught a very large Crappie that got back in the water before I could take a picture as well as a few more Bluegill.

I got mostly Skunked for the day but stay tuned!  The next days fishing trip landed myself and others some NICE fish!

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