Sep 112010

Did a solo shore fishing trip to Lake Nockamixon on 9-11-2010.  Stopped up to the pier near the boat docs and came up empty.  Decided to try down by one of the bridges and:

Lake Nockamixon Channel Catfish 20"

pulled up this nice 20″ Channel Catfish.  Sorry the pic makes it look like it’s only 18″.  I had some trouble managing a camera, tape measure and floppy fish.  This momma was preggers so I quickly put her back into the water.

I caught a few Bluegills and a Perch from this same spot but nothing of notable size.

I’m thinking of trying these spots by the bridge again.  The scenery was beautiful and I got to see a few hawks, a large water snake, and an absolutely huge fish who stole my minnow but was not willing to be hooked!

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  • D Allen

    Wow! I know this is an old post, but I am impressed. This is my 3rd year fishing Lake Nockamixon and the best I can do is panfish. I don’t get this lake, fish finder has them all over the place and yet ??? None of them eat bait. The only bass I have caught was by mistake while trolling. I caught him in the side

    This beautiful fishery is truly “the Dead Sea”. I just don’t get it. Today we fished from 7 am to noon, tried rocks, trees, weeds, lily pads, structures, bridge and damn, nada! Not even blue gills Water temp 69 degrees. Carp spawning all over the place. No action of any kind

    • Hmm…  I was going to say water temp since the lake gets deep but at 69° you should be good to go.  Look for submerged weeds and work them hard.
      The guys over at have a ton of experience on the Nock and have some good YouTube videos on fishing there.  They might even have DVDs on it for sale….
      Please let me know if you figure out any good patterns.  That lake is big and can be quite cruel!

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