Sep 182010

Stopped by Green Lane Reservoir lately?  Where has the water gone!

According to one of the conservation officers we talked to the water level is about 3-5ft low right now.

I always think it’s amazing to see what lies under the water I’m fishing.  I walked around the whole left side of the shore to the left of the boat rentals/dock area.  Most of the shore up to the first bay is usually under water.  There is a good 5ft of rip-rap now that you can walk across all the way up.  And the first bay is barely there.

free lure at Green Lane Reservoir

When the water is low the treasures will show!  I found this lure (in great shape) and salvaged a bunch of sinkers i found in the newly exposed rocks along the shore.

I’d like to explore more of the shoreline but my time was limited.  Hope to put more pictures and video up soon!

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  • Owen Hyne

    hey thats my freakin lure! Give it back!  Just kidding, although I have lost my share at Green lane

    • LOL it was insane all of the cool things I found when the water was low.

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