Oct 282010


The Functioning Fishaholics have had some great luck lately with GOLD.  While it may not be real 24 Karat gold in the lures one thing is clear, pretty much all of the fish we caught last weekend were caught on gold bladed inline spinners (rooster tails).

I had an awesome #4 inline spinner from Mepps that ended up in a tree so I decided I wanted to continue the trend and go into this weekend with the gold advantage.  With only a few days until Saturday a lunchtime run to Dick’s sporting goods was in order.

Gold bladed inline spinners mepps rooster tail

So here’s the haul…  All for about $14.

Gold bladed trout colored rooster tail inline spinner

First on the list was this Worden’s 1/6oz green and trout colored, gold bladed, inline spinner.  This rooster tail was Jeff’s go to lure last weekend and it easily helped him produce the largest fish count of the day.  The 1/6oz weight brings it out of the “stream fishing for trout” category and allows for fairly long casts.

Copper bladed roostertail

The second lure I purchased is this Worden’s copper bladed, brown and yellow colored, rooster tail with copper fleck in the paint.  I haven’t thrown a ton of copper bladed spinners in my life but I figured I’d give it a try.  This lure is 1/8oz so it’s a little lighter than the others but still big enough to cast.

Mepps #4 gold bladed spinner

The third spinner I purchased is a replacement for the #4 Mepps gold bladed spinner I lost last weekend.  The one I lost had a bronze body but I thought I’d give this red and yellow bodied model a try.  Last weekend I pulled out two of the nicest Largemouth Bass of the day with a similar lure and I can’t wait to give this one a try!

Gold husky jerk

The last lure in the mix isn’t a spinner at all but rather a Rapela Suspending Husky Jerk in gold, orange, and black color.  Since we’ve been having luck with gold I thought I’d see if the gold flash would translate to a hard bodied lure.

Well there you have it lots of GOLD (and a little bronze).  If plans go right I’ll be testing these bad boys out from the canoe on Saturday.

Stay tuned!

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