Oct 242010

With four Functioning Fishaholics in tow…  Today’s trip was to the Deep Creek Dam area of Green Lane Park.  While the fishing at this spot is usually average even during productive times, we found the right lures and the right spots and today turned out to be a great day for Fall fishing!

Green Lane Deep Creek Dam - Sunrise

The morning was cool and all we caught on the far side of Deep Creek’s main lake was bait sized Largemouth Bass.

Deep Creek Dam - Green Lane Park Largemouth - Fishing

Kris caught the first “countable” size Largemouth Bass of the day using a chartreuse colored spinner with a gold blade.  The Largemouth Bass was caught above the dam at Deep Creek right below where they used to allow swimming.

Largemouth Bass - Deep Creek Dam

Jeff Caught the next Largemouth Bass below the dam at Deep Creek’s lower lake.  He had a good amount of luck during the day using a trout colored spinner with a gold blade.

Deep Creek Dam fishing - Green Lane Park - PA fishing

We decided to go below the second dam at Deep Creek and do some stream fishing.

Deep Creek fishing Yellow Perch

Fishing was slow in the stream compared to the last time we were here.  Jeff caught a Smallmouth and a couple other small Bass and I was able to find two Yellow Perch using worms.

Montgomery county PA fishing report - Deep Creek - Yellow Perch

Perch #2

Fishing the stream was hard work due to the lower water temperature.  Most of the spots that hold fish were not producing so we decided to go back up to the lower lake and try fishing the far side.

Deep Creek fishing Crappie - Green Lane Fishing

And the other side was GOOD!  Kris pulled up this awesome 10″ Crappie by fishing near some brush using a brown and white bodied spinner with a gold blade.  This Crappie is a new record length for the Functioning Fishaholics!

Green Lane Park Fishing - Crappie - Deep Creek

Here is a close up shot of the Crappie.  Good stuff!

Green Lane fishing - Largemouth Bass Deep Creek

On his next cast Kris pulls up this Largemouth Bass from the same spot!

Deep Creek Largemouth Bass Green Lane PA fishing

At this point I was about to throw something…  Within four casts Kris pulled out three great fish!  This Largemouth Bass and the one before it were both taken on the same spinner with a gold blade.

Largemouth Bass Green Lane park fishing

Lucky for me Kris threw his spinner up in a tree and let me borrow his spot for a bit.  On my first cast I pulled in this nice Largemouth Bass.  I had a #4 spinner on the line with a brass body and a gold blade.

Green lane fishing Bass

My second Largemouth Bass from the same hole.  I was really liking the #4 size spinner, the larger blade was slowing it down in the water and making it easier to keep the lure right where I wanted it.  (Right where I wanted it that is, until I threw it up in the tree)

Largemouth Bass Green Lane Park Fishing

Since Kris and I lost our lures in the tree we decided to let Jeff have a try at the spot.  BAM!  His trout colored spinner with a gold blade pulls up another Largemouth Bass.

At this point everyone decided to call it a day but I had a spot about a mile up the trail that I wanted to check out.

Bluegill Green lane Deep Creek Dam fishing

And there it is!  Somehow I don’t feel right about fishing in Montgomery County until I catch at least one Bluegill!  I was able to catch four Bluegill using worms and decided to call it a day.

Between the four of us we threw a lot of different lures during the day.  No matter what we threw one thing was clear, if it didn’t have a gold blade the fish weren’t interested.  I tried throwing other spinners with silver blades and had no luck.  Topwater lures didn’t even produce one bite and worms only slightly worked.

I am now a believer in spinners and will purchase another gold bladed lure to replace the one I lost before my next fishing trip!

Our stats for the day:

Bluegill – 4

Crappie – 1

Largemouth Bass – 10

Smallmouth Bass – 1

Yellow Perch – 2

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  • Joe Talese

    Good stuff but I am only reading this now on the 11th of sept. 2011. I just got back from green lane and was only able to fish the top part of the lake above the dam due to a goose hunt they were having around the lower portions of the lake. The fishing was not good today. Probably due to the storm that passed through last night. Is this site still active? I will continue to look around. I just got here and this post was the first thing I read. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s the green lane-deep creek post. Do you guys fish there often? do you live in the area? I live about 40 min or so from green lane. Are the functioning fishaholics open to a new member? I’m 35 and married 2 year old son. Most of my friends who are married play xbox with any free time they get and don’t get out much. My single friends do the same and go to bars with any other spare time they have. I guess what I’m saying is I’d like to do some fishing with guys who are into fishing as much as I am. Not desperate for friends or anything. I think you know what I’m saying. Let me know. You have my email address.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Thanks for the comment Joe. That upper lake is garbage unless you are looking for Catfish or trout (stocked in nov and spring). The 2nd lake and the stream below are where it’s at. Right now gold bladed inline spinners should work. VERY glad to hear they are hunting. Those birds ruin the lake. As far as new members go we aren’t a club or anything (yet) but I’ll shoot you an email later this week.

  • Jessica Warmington

    Hey guys, thanks so much for sharing your tips on fishing Green Lane, I live a couple miles and I’m going to get out there soon! I picked up some gold blade spinners and can’t wait to try them out! The liberty gas station on 29 has a pretty good selection of rooster tails and aglia spinners. I went to scope out the fishing spots today but there was a goose hunt ( and in case anyone is wondering, Friday the 23rd is the last day of the goose hunting).

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