Oct 092010

Did some fishing at the old secret spot with J on Saturday morning.  October is in full swing and temperatures were quite low when we hit the lake at 7am.

Sunrise at the secret spot

Sunrise is always beautiful at the secret spot!

Largemouth bass montgomery county pa fishing PA fishing

As usual J pulls in the first Largemouth Bass (with his topwater lure as always!)

(Insert missed picture here) I caught a great 15″ Largemouth Bass that was FAT but in all the excitement I only measured the fish and didn’t take a picture!  Caught it on a DT-6 Bluegill pattern.

Bass PA fishing

Here is another beauty J pulled in.  This was the 3rd decent Largemouth Bass we pulled in and they all looked like they were starting to pack on the pounds for the winter.

Crappie fishing in PA

Here’s a Crappie J caught.  Just a little guy but still an interesting catch at the secret spot.

As usual we had about two good hours of fishing at the secret spot.  This lake is very clear due to all of the vegetation and as soon as the sun comes up the fish stop biting on anything anywhere in the lake.

Might be the last canoe trip of the year it’s getting chilly!

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