Oct 302010

Jeff and I decided to make a morning run out to the secret spot and Deep Creek today for some great Fall PA Bass fishing.

pa fishing sunrise in October

It was a chilly Fall morning in Montgomery County!  The temperature was 34 degrees when we arrived at the secret fishing spot.  A heavy frost was all over the grass where we usually launch the canoe.

Rapala Deep Tail Dancer

Jeff made a new purchase before this trip, a Deep Tail Dancer in bleeding pearl color model TDD07.  For everyone that thinks red hooks and bills are hype, I must say this lure produced today in the clear waters of our secret spot.

largemouth bass rapala lure pa fishing

This was the first Largemouth Bass Jeff caught at the secret spot.  We tend to have the most luck fishing topwater right on the outside of the lily pads.  There is a channel that the fish tend to occupy and 90% of our fish usually come from this area.

Largemouth Bass in Montgomery county pa

Jeff’s second bass came right after the first.  At this point I felt like more of a photographer than a fisherman!

Souther PA Bass fishing

This was Jeff’s 4th Largemouth Bass a nice fatty.  The picture almost makes it look plastic.

black crappie Montgomery county pa fishing

Here is a nice Crappie Jeff pulled in with the Rapala Deep Tail Dancer.  The lure also caught four Bluegill during the early AM hours.  Jeff was working this lure on the top of the water and pulled out nine fish within a three hour period.

clean up your trash

Ok so I may have gotten skunked in the fish department but look at this SWEET spool I pulled up from the depths.  “Spinmaster”, I bet I could get at least 20 cents for this on Ebay!  This piece of junk was attached to a 5lb ball of weeds.  I can only imagine the story as to why it was at the bottom of the lake.

The secret spot has ultra clear water and tends to completely drop off after sunrise.  I really try to fish deep but we have had absolutely no luck anywhere in this lake after the sun comes out.  Our theory is the fish are going deep under the massive weed beds of the lake where we can’t reach and they stop biting.

I spent the prime morning hours changing baits and fighting the florocarbon line I have on my reel.  I had one nice fish on the line with my suspending gold jerkbait but I couldn’t get him to the boat.

Jeff sticks to a strategy that works on this lake:  topwater, small lures, silver colors.  He also sticks with one or two proven lures for a whole fishing session and it works.  I’m going to humbly take some lessons and hope for a better trip to the secret spot next time.

Deep Creek was another story…

yellow Perch deep creek pa

Perch on!  After it got light outside and the fish stopped biting we decided to take a quick run over to Deep Creek to do some shore fishing.  I pulled in this Yellow Perch using the copper bladed spinner that I showed off in the previous post.  Oh, and don’t mind the gloves I usually use them for taking off Catfish but it was so cold out I had to put them on to try and keep warm!

Largemouth bass Deep Creek Montgomery county PA

My second fish was this little guy.  Come back in a year or so buddy!

Green Lane Deep Creek Largemouth Bass

Jeff also switched to a spinner to catch this Largemouth Bass.  Deep creek LOVES the gold bladed spinners right now!

Green Lane Park fishing Largemouth Bass

Jeff’s second Largemouth at Green Lane Park’s Deep Creek was also caught on a 1/8 Gold bladed spinner.

All in all it was a pretty good day of Fall fishing for the Functioning Fishaholics.  The Secret spot and Deep Creek were both still producing a nice fall bite.  If I go out again this year I will make sure to dress WARM!  Temperatures today ranged from 34-50 degrees and having just a jacket on did not cut it.

Today’s Summary:

Largemouth Bass: 8

Bluegill: 4

Yellow Perch: 1

Black Crappie: 1

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