Nov 132010

Quick canoe trip to Marsh creek for some November Muskie fishing.

Chester County has some beautiful bodies of water that hold some really nice fish!

Marsh Creek Sunrise Chester County

When I arrived the sunrise was breathtaking…

I showed up a little late and received a few text messages on the way in from Jeff, telling me that he was already there and catching fish.
Marsh Creek Muskie

Nice fish…  Like this 15″ Muskie!

Marsh Creek Largemouth Bass

And a nice Largemouth Bass of about the same size.

Jeff caught a total of three Muskie and one Largemouth Bass on his Rapala Deep Tail Dancer (in bleeding pearl color model TDD07).  He caught all of them from shore while using the lure on the surface of the water.

The weather on this trip was COLD!  Jeff actually had ice stuck in the top eye of his fishing rod.

By the time we got everything together and launched the canoe the sun was completely up.  This was my second time fishing on Marsh Creek this year and my first time fishing this water in a boat.  We worked the weed beds up and down the shore in search of more Marsh Creek Muskie but came up dry.  We had a few missed strikes but it seemed that the action on the lake quickly died down after sunrise.

Marsh Creek’s water level is very low right now due to some fish habitat projects they are working on in the lake.  We had a little trouble launching our canoe and would recommend that everyone launch from the gravel next to the boat launch rather than from the soft shoreline.

The fish habitat projects at Marsh Creek look like they are coming along quite nicely.  We saw some poles they had driven into the soft shoreline mud and a lot of freshly downed trees.  While the newly driven poles are only in a foot or two of water right now, there were already VERY large fish in the surrounding water.  Fish habitat improvement projects like these are awesome!

We only spent about three hours out on the water before calling it a day.  I’m a little disapointed that I got skunked for the day but we did see a lot of movement in the water and I’m excited to go back and give it another try.

I’m going to chalk up my failure to catch fish on this trip to a few things:

1.  I couldn’t get my game-plan together.  Too much lure switching and not enough fishing.

2.  The water was cold and fish were sluggish.  I’m really not used to changing my game to catch Fall weather fish.

3.  Marsh Creek has a lot of fishing pressure and while the lake has great habitat I think the fish are a little tired of having plastic thrown at them.  Jeff did really well before sunrise but I’m thinking the fish are used to a lot less pressure at night and at the crack of dawn.

4.  Lack of experience fishing Marsh Creek.  Being out in a canoe without a depth finder and without a clue as to the structure of the bottom of the lake put us at a HUGE disadvantage.  We were stuck to fishing shoreline weed beds and tree lay downs.  This wouldn’t have been too bad if the fish were biting but I would have liked to have some deeper water options.

Marsh Creek has a good number of Muskie and Largemouth Bass.  I recommend fishing here if  you are in Chester County Pennsylvania and have a boat.  I also recommend getting here VERY early and hitting the weed beds with a topwater lure.

For more information on Marsh Creek check out PA DNCR’s page:

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