Nov 212010

Did some fishing over at the Deep Creek Dam area of Green Lane park today.  The air temperature was around 45 degrees for most of the day.  Deep creek was stocked with Trout last week and it seemed everyone and their neighbor was out fishing from the banks of the upper lake.

I did my part and thew a few casts into the lake where the trout were stocked but there was a lot of people fishing the upper lake and I wasn’t in the mood to still fish with with Powerbait all day in hopes of catching a farm raised fish.  My spinner wasn’t getting any bites and after about 15 minutes I decided to hit the lower lake and see if I could find me some Bass.

We are heading into the fourth week in November and here in South Eastern Pennsylvania the fish are not very active.  About half of the leaves have fallen off of the trees and it seems most of them have landed in the water.  I spent a good deal of the day working various lures along the banks of the lower lake but there was little action.

Fall fishing at Green lane park

Caught lots of these…

With no bites and mounting frustration, I continued to work the spinner pictured above through the water.  Over and over again spot after spot, no action.  I was working the spinner slowly, extra slowly, and at a medium pace and nothing.  This lure has always produced at Deep Creek and here I was without a single bite.

Now I’m not a very patient guy so fishing is a great hobby and teacher for me because it makes me slow down and realize that things aren’t always going to happen the way I want.

At this point I was frustrated.  I kept thinking to myself, “We’ll I’m working the bait slowly just like everyone says to do in the fall shouldn’t this work”.

Finally I snapped.  Whipping the spinner out as far as I could into the cold dark water I began reeling the line as fast as possible.  “I’ll show those guys!  I’ll fish this thing as fast as I can!”.  My spinner was moving so fast it was barely able to stay in the water.  All of a sudden the top of the water exploded FISH ON!

Deep Creek Largemouth bass

Green Lane park large mouth bass fishing

I fished for about two more hours but this one Largemouth Bass was all that I caught.  This fish helped reinforce a good lesson;  When nothing is working try the one thing that shouldn’t work.  Maybe it was luck, perhaps it was the crazy presentation, either way I landed once nice fish and sometimes that’s all that matters!

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