Jan 092011

I was down in the garage yesterday and while trying to clean things up a bit I started fiddling around with some of the leftover plugs of wood I had laying around.  After a little drilling and sanding, I slapped together a simple popper head and decided to try tying a fly with some of the cheap “practice” feathers I picked up at AC Moore.

Here’s a step by step view of the fly/popper I created.  It’s a bit crazy so I hope you enjoy this rookie’s progress.

Here is the popper head primed

Here is the Popper head painted white with a red eye

I added some silver accents

Here she is complete and ANGRY!

Another view

Side view

Other side

The Angry Chicken's bum

So that’s about it.  This was the first thing I’ve tied other than some dressed treble hooks.  What you have here is ghetto fly tying on a shoestring budget.  Some leftover dowel rod, AC Moore “practice” feathers, wifey’s sewing thread and an old worm hook.  It doesn’t get simpler (or cheaper) than this!  In case you are wondering, the paint I used on the popper head was all done with paint markers.  The paint markers made painting easy and gave me extra control while working with this small piece.

So what do you think?  Being a complete beginner, I’m open to any criticism (or praise) you may have.  The design is really far out so hopefully the comments will be interesting.

Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know what you think.

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  • That’s awesome! – and what a great name for it! 🙂 If I could suggest one thing after you actually try it out – you might have to shave that bottom lip a big in order for it to “sit right” and be ready for the pop or gurgle. Of course, it might work well as is. If it doesn’t though, I’d bet that shaving a little off the bottom at an angle from hook eye back to the point, would make it sit with the upper lip angled more toward the water.

    The Angry Chicken looks like a fly just waiting for a huge bass to find it!

    • admin

      Thanks for the tip. I’m used to popper lures that probably sit lower in the water due to their weight. Maybe this one needs a bathtub test…

  • I’d buy it…. We need more of these ghetto flies so keep pumping them out!

  • Trublu

    Congrats…looks like you have gotten yourself hooked on fly tying. You won’t regret the time spent on your first tying experiences. I started out 61 years ago sitting on my grandfathers lap. I never stopped tying after that and like you, used whatever materials I could find. One of my early sources was an old feather stuffed pillow and another was my parents chenille bedspread fringe.

    I hope you enjoy your tying and fishing experiences. I can think of nothing that is more fulfilling than becoming an “expert” tier. Be patient and forgiving to yourself but above all keep on experimenting.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Thanks for the kind words. Keep your eyes open for some upcoming posts of my newest ties. I mostly post tying pictures to Twitter but I want to add more posts like this one soon!

  • Mark

    I think a ghetto popper should have some duct tape or something on it.  Other than, it looks pretty good.  I’d tie on my line.

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