Jan 262011

Are you fishing flies you picked up at a big box sporting goods store?  Perhaps you tried to tie your own but ended up scaring the fish away.  If you are tired of giving your money to companies that tie their flies in sweatshops overseas maybe you should…

Give Owl Jones a try!

Funcfish Owl Jones Original pattern ©

Owl Jones is selling his AMERICAN made flies for $2 a piece with FREE shipping and according to his last post he’ll even throw in a free fly of another pattern with your first order!  That’s almost giving them away!

He’s trying to feed his family here people so stock up now for spring!

You can check out pictures of his work and contact him via his website:  http://southernblueridge.wordpress.com/contact-owl

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  • I can’t thank you enough for this. I think. That fly there is one I’d keep far away from any trout if you want them to actually bite. 😉
    ( And yes, a free fly of a different type with your first order..you order caddis, you can check out a zebra midge. Streamers? I’ll throw in a Prince for your perusal. )

    • admin

      Im honestly thinking of dipping the whole thing in epoxy and feeding you to the bluegills (:

  • The perfect fly to lose in a tree or snag on a rock. Keep that recipe to yourself.

    That noted, the real deal is well…the real deal.

    • admin

      My wife’s only comment was “shouldn’t his face be smaller?” (:

  • Now that’s a pattern I’d be inclined to use for Carp. Does it come in an egg-sucking version by chance?

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