Jan 052011

Do you love fishing?  Well here at the Functioning Fishaholics we do.  We have a passion for grabbing our rod and charging out to the water if only for a little tug on our line.

Fishing = Passion

Watch the video below (click watch on YouTube), if you think to yourself, “there’s nothing wrong with that guy” you very well may be a Functioning Fishaholic!

Maybe he just wasn’t in the mood.  I mean tackle maintenance is VERY consuming!

All kidding aside whoever created this commercial deserves an award!  Not only have they done a great job promoting their product but they have also done a great job of giving a brief glimpse into the life of a Functioning Fishaholic.

So if your wife is tired of your fishing passion and wants you to go grocery shopping or do some work in the yard, head on over to the link they mention in the video.

Us?  We’ll keep on fishing.

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  • Who says ” No thanks, I’m good.” Other than that, it’s pretty funny! I mean, honestly…that’s the best he could do? I always just say “give me ten minutes” and then by the time I get in there, four hours later – she’s alseep. But my reel gets cleaned, and that’s the important thing. 😉 LOL

  • Good read! Im with Owl on this one… Give them some time to fall asleep and go back to fish related importances 😉

    • It’s much easier to undrestnad when you put it that way!

  • Ya, give ’em some time to fall asleep.

    That way when ya’ll are cleanin’ your reels and thinkin’ about the one that got away, the one who’s longing for you to be with her can have ample time to plot how she’s going to sell all your rods at the next garage sale for a buck a piece!


    What she’s going to buy on her next shopping extravaganza!

    Yeah, just give ’em time… Sheesh!

  • He probably was just saving the little testosterone he has left for his 23 year old girlfriend…

    That’s the only conceivable explanation I can think of because fishing is fun and all, but…

  • BP

    Found you thanks to OBN. Like the blog. You guys are obviously multi-species bloggers, but there is enough bass in there for me to call it a bass fishing blog, plus it’s a bass in the blog logo.

    Put you in my New Found blogroll for now.


    • admin

      Gotta love that OBN! There will be a good number of Bass caught next year for sure! Make sure you keep an eye on our Fish Count page to see how we do each year.

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