Jan 032011

Photo by David Stang

Stumbled onto a post over at the World Fishing Network today entitled “5 of the Wildest Fishing Videos” and the very first one caught my eye (warning these videos contain bodily injury and foul language):

The gentleman in the video above appeared to be injured but luckily he didn’t lose any fingers.

After witnessing this new bloodsport of man vs toothy fish I decided look around and see if I could find more examples of WHEN PIKE ATTACK!

OK so that one doesn’t classify as an ATTACK video but boy was it close!

Eventually the kid’s luck runs out PIKE ATTACK! Oww!

A good demonstration of why you should use a net while Pike fishing

Warning!!!  NEVER put your hands in a Pike’s mouth!

This video was amazing…  Looks like the Pike actually tried to bite the man in the stomach.  I don’t think they like having their picture taken…

This guy pulls a Pike through the ice while it’s attached to his hand (warning language)

What a great collection of WHEN PIKE ATTACK! videos.  While it would be easy to label these fish as dangerous man eaters, all of these injuries could have been prevented with a little care and common sense.  Please remember to always be careful when you are handling fish that have teeth.  It only takes a one second mistake to donate a lot of blood to the lake.  Luckily none of these guys lost any fingers.

Have you or someone you love been “bitten” by any manner of toothy fish while fishing?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Gotta treat these fish with respect! Pike seem to be a little more aggressive when it comes to going after people. They make Muskies look friendly!

  • JM

    Cool article! Doesn’t surprise me though ,with all those teeth. In my opinion , nothing tops the Bluefish. They will actively bite at your fingers when you try to unhook them.

    P.S. Love the music!

  • JM

    Well , that’s awkward. The music wasn’t on your page , it was on another blog I had open in another tab. Guess I better go tell them how much I like the music ?

    • admin

      It’s all good! Glad their music could bring enjoyment why looking at MY site! (:

  • Molkollo

    pike biting is wery common when you are trying to get it off water and you can easily hurt you hand in their sharp teeth and gills but it has nowhere near enough biting force to make any serious wounds

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