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February 1, 2011;  Wolfy of Flowing Waters (a.k.a. Joe from one of the best sites in the world) held a contest to try and find the best Bass angler in the world.  The winner of this contest would obtain a cache of premium Bass fishing tackle, which would help ensure that this flawless fisherman would remain the best Bass angler in the world for a very long time.  The contest was also to celebrate over 100 blog followers but for now let’s just pretend… I mean focus on the fact that it was to determine the best Bass fisherman in the world….


An awesome amount of bass fishing lures

What a collection!

Here is the run down:

Strike King Pro Buzz buzzbait, Strike King Bitsy titanium Elite Spinnerbait, Blue Fox Vibrax #3 spinner, Harrison – Hogue Big Eyed Pro Frog, Rapala Rattling Suspending Shad Rap #5, Rapala CD 7, Rapala Deep Running Minnow Rap 9, Lucky Craft Staysee 90 SP, Eagle Claw Trokar EWG hooks – 4/0, Yamamoto SW 5″ Swimbait, Yamamoto 4″ Senko, Kalin 5″ Lunker Grub, Strike King 4.5″ Bleeding Tubes

As you can see this is a serious gang of bass lures.  Rapala, Strike King, Yamamoto, lots of big names and big boy baits.  This collection is so sweet I think it would even make Billy Bass cry!


Sweet enough to make Billy Bass cry

This is gonna hurt...

So who got the gear?

Maybe it was a stroke of luck, perhaps a prediction of greatness to come (or a fluke of the random number generator) but one great fisherman was selected from the hoards of contestants.  This fisherman, destined to become the greatest Bass fisherman in the world goes by one name and one name only… Matt.  Yes you read that right!  The Functioning Fishaholics 17′ aluminum Ouachita canoe is now proudly sponsored by Wolfy and the Flowing Waters blogLook out KVD, The Functioning Fishaholics are slowly paddling their way to the top!

It must have been hard to part with all of this great gear!  Thank you for such a generous contest and rest assured Wolfy, this gear has found a very good home.  I will divvy up this fine haul of loot amongst my Functioning Fishaholic brothers and we shall do our best to “feed” the local Largemouth population!

If you haven’t read Flowing Waters yet check it out it’s a great blog!  Also make sure to follow the site, who knows what Wolfy will do when he gets to 500 blog followers?!?

Here’s the link:


Are you holding a special contest on your blog?  Tell us all about it in the comments below!


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  • The only thing missing from this awesome collection are some Koppers Live Target Lures! Check them out, you’ll probably never look at a Lucky Craft again.

    • admin

      Wow those sure look nice… Might have to contact the company and see if they’d let me do a review…

  • Congrats Matt on your win! Those look like a great addition to the ol’ tackle box!

    And that Wolfy/Joe guy is an alright feller. Personally, I’m hopin’ that if he gets to 500 he’ll give away a boat! (hint, hint Joe! lol!)

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