Mar 132011
Valley Creek 2

Valley Creek

Valley Creek…  The first fly fishing trip of the year.  I went out today to test some fresh gear and drown a few of my new fly tying creations.

Valley creek

High and clear

I was very impressed with the beauty and water clarity of Valley Creek.  Although pollution keeps you from eating fish from the creek, the water was beautiful in comparison to the warm water I’m used to fishing in the area.

Looking for trout

It's been a while

This was my first time fishing Valley Creek and my first time fly fishing in about 10 years.  Traditionally a lure and bait fisherman, I’m fascinated by the amount of skill and stillness I find in all aspects of fly fishing.  Somehow the sport captures the essence of frustration and peace and blends them into a beautiful (and sometimes chaotic) mix.


Complex yet beautiful

With the cool air temperature, casting problems, and my general lack of familiarity with the water, I didn’t stray too far from the parking area.

horrible casting

Casting problems...

The fishing trip lasted a brief two hours and yielded zero fish.  I saw one rise but with my clumsy casting and erratic stomping around I’m sure the fish had a pretty good time laughing at me.

Fishing the Valley Creek

Sure beats a day at the office!

Next time I go fly fishing I’m going to find a wider creek to fish and perhaps go after some stocked trout rather than the elusive Brown Trout of Valley Creek.

Valley Creek Trees


If you noticed this post has a bunch of really cool pics.  I was lucky enough to bring wifey with me to Valley Creek so she could have fun taking pictures (mostly of me making a fool of myself) while I fished.  I left some of these pictures large so you can click them and see them in full size.  Other than the two that are of me, the rest are pretty cool looking.

I learned a lot today and even though I didn’t catch anything a few hours of casting practice were an amazingly awesome way to spend my Sunday afternoon!


Do you fish the Valley Creek?  Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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  • Cool you got out! Looks like an extra day did the creek well for clarity. Next time you want to give it a try I’d be happy to show you around. Looks like you fished the lower end of the park, lots of good water above the covered bridge too. I’ll teach you my sidearm cast, works wonders for keeping out of the brush while staying mostly out of the water (that’s the key at Valley, too much wading spooks the fish)

    • admin

      I’ll let ya know next time I head down. Thinking I’m going to hit up Skippack or Unami creek after opening day and try my hand at some stockies. Ever try east branch of the perkie?

      • I’ve tried the East Branch once. Want to get back there – accessed it near Jake’s Flea Market (I think that’s what the place was called…) From what I understand it’s a good spot later in the spring. Water runs cold.

  • Hmm…I thought that creek name sounded familiar! Brown trout are always stubborn so I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself! And hey – at least it wasn’t snowing, right? 🙂

    • admin

      Heck yea! I still had an awesome time I was fishing after all! Might go non-fly for muskie next weekend and work on my flycasting more during the week.

  • rhythm! It’s all about the rhythm 🙂 I always have to tell myself that for a few minutes when I get out with the fly rod… Looks like your creeks are in better shape than ours. Most of the ones in the central part of the state are still blown out.

  • Brendan Collins

    Fished valley creek today. My new favorite spot. Caught three browns in about 10 minutes. New to fly fishing and my first time stripping streamers due to losing my only indicator on my first cast. Still a good day of fishing

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