Mar 192011

Sorry girls…  This is a post about a bug.

is this a little black stonefly

Little Black stonefly?

Today’s fishing was a disaster.  While I’m still collecting my thoughts and dealing with the windburn on my face I figured I’d share some pictures of a little friend I made today.  I believe he’s a little black stonefly (but I’m barely a fly fisherman and far from and entomologist).  I found him in one of my secret fishing spots close to Green Lane Reservoir and Unami Creek.  (don’t worry it wasn’t approved trout water)

***EDIT***  According to @foul_hook over at this is a stonefly.

Check out these other examples and tell me what you think!



what's special about a little black stonefly?

What's special about a bug?

Bugs hatch all the time it’s just a part of life on the water.  I guess what made this special for me was it marked a change in the day.  All morning I was fighting bitter wind and overcast skies.  After driving back home and going out again to check out another spot the sun came out, the air warmed up, and this little guy came out to remind me that spring is on the way!

ugly bug on an ugly stick


clear image of little black stonefly at unami creek

This image was pretty clear

Although I couldn’t get in too close with the lens I had on my camera the picture above does a great job of showing the lines on the bug’s wings and really gives some good detail.

You can see the split in his wings

And just for all of the ladies that were kind enough to endure all of the bug pictures…

crocus in bloom South Eastern PA

Spring has sprung!


Do you dream of river bugs (or flowers)?  Leave a comment below and tell us all about it!

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  • Wind burn…ouch. Those stoneflys will make the trout HUNGRY!

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Let’s hope!

  • That’s some kind of stonefly I’m pretty sure. Little Black or other….did you see it fly? they look like little micro-helicopter-ish things. The stones have 4 wings, caddis only 2. Probably too early for caddis up that way anyway. Almost assuredly a stonefly. Nice pics of the little guy!

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Made sure I threw him up in the air when I returned him to nature so I could watch him fly. Cool stuff. Pretty funny how last year I would have splatted him on my chest while doing a scared spastic dance. This year I was like “ooh there is a bug on me wonder what it is”.

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