Mar 262011

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Drew's Adventures in Fishing

This site is dedicated to my love of fishing – a sport I tackle from a kayak or with my feet in the water. I am an avid fisherman who spends as much time as possible on the rivers and lakes of North Carolina.  Occasionally, I find time to hit the water other places as well. I grew up in central Pennsylvania and was constantly on/in the water catching trout, Smallmouth bass, Largemouth bass, and anything else that pulled. Since then I have lived in Oregon, New Mexico, and now North Carolina. I consider myself lucky to have lived in such diverse places and have learned new tips and techniques in each region.  I also love to take people fishing and introduce people to the sport – so if you are interested in planning a trip just give me a shout.

Drew fishing from kayak

Man Powered Outdoors details my tournament and competitve fishing ventures, fishing trips, and other fishing fun.  I also provide gear reviews, articles, and fishing reports.  I encourage readers to comment, make requests, and give feedback!

When not on the water, I work as a graduate student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Duke University.  I can be contacted via the website, Facebook, or Twitter (@yakdevil).  Tight lines!

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