Mar 112011

If you’ve been following @funcfish on twitter you know that I’ve been posting a lot of late night cellphone pics of flies I’ve been tying.  While I’m still waiting for a few extra hours in my day to post ALL of the fly pics up on this site I thought I’d put my latest creation on here for you to see.

I kinda winged this Blue Winged Olive with the materials I had on hand in my “rookie bin” but the original design is loosely based on an awesome pattern found on the  Tie better” section of a website called  Global Fly Fisher

Anyway here it is.  I’d love to know what you think (but be kind I’m a rookie!)


mono tail Blue winged olive pattern trial

My first Blue Winged Olive

If you’d like to try it my materials are as follows:

  • Sz #16 dry fly hook (Lightning Strike DF3 SZ16)
  • Dubbing – Blue Wing Olive (Waspi super fine dry fly dubbing)
  • Thread – olive Ultra 70
  • Rib – Gold french tinsel
  • Hackle – Olive Saddle Hackle
  • Wing – Mallard flank
  • Tail – Some old mono from an old snelled Eagle Claw hook

Here’s another pic

Blue winged olive mono tailed

Blue Winged Olive pattern pic 2


Have you ever tied a Blue Winged Olive?  Do you have a better pattern?  Let me know what you think about mine in the comments below!

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  • Nice. I don’t tie but that looks sweet and in a #16, too small for me to even try. Good pics, too.

  • I use the same pattern you linked to for my BWO’s. It’s a pretty good pattern, but there’s a trick I use to get the tails to split apart. Take some excess thread and loop it from the bend of the hook over the top so that 2 strands go between the three tail pieces. Hard to explain, but if you don’t understand what I’m saying I’ll retry to explain better.

    Yours looks pretty good.

    • admin

      That’s a great idea I tried to bump mine out with some thread but your idea might be better

  • Looks pretty cool. I’d love to start tying my own flies but I think I need to learn more about selecting and using the right fly before I do that! Love seeing the pics of your hard work – great presentation.

  • Alright….here it comes….I do see a couple of things, bro…..

    First thing is they call them BLUE WING olive’s for a reason. 😉
    Second thing is your tail is a bit long.
    Third thing is that second thing just above this third thing is all arbitrary, depending on where you fish it, your fish, and your bugs. 🙂

    I really like the mallard flank. I’d never try it here for our bwo’s though because a #18 is about as big as they get. I can remember once in PA near Penns Creek, having BWO’s hitting the windshield of the truck that HAD to be #12’s. We thought it was raining!

    Oh fourth – I don’t see why that wouldn’t take a trout that was eating BWO’s!

    • admin

      Yea I didn’t like the shortage of “blue” either (: I threw one of em in the creek today. I think the trout were laughing to hard at my casting skills to be bothered with the details of my fly…

  • Ok, in my humble opinion, as long as you are catching fish on your BWO, who gives a crap what I think of it. LOL. I’m glad to see people in there swinging. I teach fly tying and fly fishing here in the Chambersburg area of PA. We have bwo’s upward of 16’s and 14’s sometimes, but most are pretty small. They hatch all year, spring through summer, and fall, into winter. A warm day and a hatch will go up. I was just catching fish on a BWO pattern in the Conococheague Creek in Chambersburg this evening after work. I had a blast. Keep swinging and tight lines.

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