Mar 152011

Uh o it's the lake police!

Five of the best stupid fishing videos…
That I’ve Watched tonight.

OK so they might not be the very best stupid fishing videos out there but these are my top five favorite stupid fishing videos of the evening.

1. This guy would have gotten punched.


2. Set the hook!


3. Tree removal service, TIMBER!


4. Nice collection of short vids


5. My next fly fishing trip…


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  • I saw your headline over on the OBN News section and had to click on it…
    Glad I did, I needed this late night laugh, too funny! And I woulda punched the first guy as well…
    And the montage of fishing is hilarious!

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Thanks for checking it out. That montage is pure gold!

  • Func, those are awesome. I’ve seen the compilation going around but it’s still funny every time. Those others I have never seen and LOVE em!!!

    Thanks for the laughs!!

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  • That video with the tree is pretty funny! Thanks for sharing!

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