Mar 022011
Pic of Brody the Bear at Oaks sportshow

Largely Bear-able get it...


OK all puns aside the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow in Oaks PA was a blast!  In case you haven’t been keeping up with my blog, the Oaks sportshow ran from February 17-20 and was produced by the American Sportfishing Association.  I was able to spend pretty much all day Saturday there and while there were a million amazing things to see I thought I would share some of my favorites.


Lunker tank at the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow

Lunkers in a Tank!

The lunker tank was a sight to see!  Imagine if you will, a large trailer filled to the brim with big Largemouth bass.  I was able to watch a great demo by Jay Gillfillan where he actually got to work baits through this tank.  I wish I could have been in his shoes!

Later in the day I was also able to attend an awesome Drop shot presentation by Mike Delvisco.  Mike did a great job of not only showing his favorite rigs but he also gave some really good pointers on how to “power fish” a drop shot rig.  Good stuff!

Speaking of Mikes I was also able to meet world famous blogger Mike Agneta of the world famous blog Troutrageous!  He was manning the Stony Creek Anglers booth and took time out to tell me all about the Stony Creek Anglers and their Trout tournament on 4/30 and 5/1 in Norristown PA.  (more Trout tournament info)  All proceeds from this tournament will be donated to the operation of Montgomery County’s first co-op Trout nursery and Stony Creek Anglers childrens programs.  If you have kids I HIGHLY recommend taking them to this tournament.  There is even a special pond for kids 6 and under.


Indoor Casting pool at the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow

A casting pool indoors!

One of the other awesome things at this show was the indoor casting pool.  I enjoyed watching the fly fishing casting demonstrations that were going on during the day.  There is something awesome about an indoor casting pool and a lunker tank in the same building.  I almost asked security if I could sleep over.

Boats at the Oaks Sportshow

Lots of fishing boats

There was a good collection of fishing boats at the event.  One of them even had a motor that was almost taller than me!

Huge boat motor at the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow

This boat motor was GIANT


The show was jam packed with tons of gear and fishing and hunting guides from all over the country.  I want to give a special shout out to Russ Aldridge from South Branch Lake Camps in Seboeis Maine.  Russ took some time out of a busy show to talk to me about his camp.  The lake at the camp looked awesome and the concept of 3-5lb Smallmouth caught my interest.  I could really tell that a lot of hard work goes into their camp and the meals they prepare.  If you are headed to Maine for hunting or fishing make sure you check his camp out!  If I can get some time off  this summer I might even have to go up to his lake and show him how we catch Smallmouth Bass in PA!


If you missed out on the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow this year don’t worry there are still two shows in the area:

World Fishing & Outdoor Expo, Suffern, NY, Mar. 3-6, 2011
The Saltwater Fishing Expo, Somerset, NJ, Mar. 18-20, 2011


Baby Grizzly at the Oaks sportshow

Best of Show





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  • Check out that saltwater expo for me!

    • admin

      I would love to but with the fly fishing show this weekend I’m afraid a third show would cause wifey to disown me or steal my fishing gear for herself!

  • MAN!!! I am such a SUCKER for a great Outdoors/Fishing Expo!!! LOVE EM!! I am very sorry that I will be missing the Suffern show for the first time in quite a while this year. I’ve probably spent over my quota this winter anyways!! 🙂

    Tight lines………………

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