Mar 092011
original rapala floater

Are you pals with this guy? If not you should be…

This little guy is one of the best fishing companions you could ask for.  He’s stealthy and keeps to himself but don’t let his small size fool you.  Under that calm silver and black pattern lies the Vatican Assassin Warlock of the fishing world.  Yes folks, this lure has tiger blood running through its veins.

What is this magical lure you ask?  Today my friends, we are going to talk about the one and only:  Rapala Original Floater

rapala originial floater fishing lure

75 years of winning

Don’t let the name fool you,  “Original” might sound like an old and busted first run knockoff but this single lure design has been the number one producer for many of the Functioning Fishaholics.  I remember the first trip I saw this pattern in action, everyone else was getting skunked but with every other cast the Rapala Original Floater was bringing in fish for Jeff.  ALL DAY.

Being a fairly competitive fisherman I was humbled but I also learned my lesson.  That day after the fishing was done I went out and purchased this lure for my very own collection.  It was the best purchase I’ve ever made.

While Rapala has made many variations on this lure with many shapes, sizes, and colors, each new one I try still can’t hold a candle to the ol’ black and silver pattern you see above.

According to Rapala the original floater was made in 1936.  With all the fads that come and go in the fishing world the Rapala Original Floater in silver will always be my favorite go-to lure.  With 75 years of fish catching experience behind it, I never leave the house without bringing a Rapala Original Floater with me.


Thanks OBN for the prompt!

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  • What’s your technique for fishing this lure? My dad has one (black and orange version) and uses it all the time, but doesn’t catch much with it. I’ve given him some spinnerbaits that work well in his lake so he can expand his repertoire. And maybe catch something.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Sorry I just realized I put this on the wrong page! (:

      The best way is to twitch it on the surface topwater style at first light when the water is still. Nothing crazy just light twitches and pauses. As the topwater bite dies off you can work it deeper. I like to play around and let the fish tell me what to do. The lure lets you work the first few feet of water and works best in the open water next to weeds and cover.

  • I wish I could go bass fishing more. The trout are fun, but you gotta like that fight the bass will give you. I might have to pick one of these up for the next time I get to go out on the lake.

    • admin

      Do it!

      • Went and scouted them at the local fish shop (walmart) today but didn’t pull the trigger. There’s a tiny “lake” with some bass in it where only bank fishing is allowed. I might just get the spinning rod and head out there in a couple weeks.

        • admin

          Pretty sure I saw them on sale on cabelas website today

  • WINNING indeed! I have gotten away from the Rapala minnow over the last few years, but I still own them in several sizes and depths. They’ve produced a lot of small largemouth over the years, that’s for sure.

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