Apr 012011

WHAT!?!  Yes that’s right, APRIL FOOLS!

Angry Birds AND Anger Management

Angry Birds AND Anger Management

Come on folks?  Do you honestly think I would give up fishing for a video game? (Ok there was Modern Warfare 2).  It was fun for a day but I’m afraid that “Angry Birds AND Anger Management” had a very short run.  Perhaps I’ll float the website idea by Owl Jones and see if he wants to start up another website for it.  I’m sure it would be another great addition to his portfolio.

With all due respect to the wonderful team over at Rovio (who makes killer, awesome, addictive games) the day is almost over and I can’t wait to place the ol’ beer drinking fishy back at the top of this page…

In case you missed today’s prank here are some highlights.

angry birds homepage prank

A new funcfish homepage

April fools day has become an internet phenomenon.  It’s becoming a standard practice for websites to use this day to play around with their readers and have a little fun.  Since we outdoorsy types enjoy a good laugh, I thought I’d stir up the pot a bit and see if I could get people to scratch their heads a little.

The prank started with a new logo and background design for the homepage with a post about how Angry Birds has replaced my passion for fishing; from there it quickly escalated.

Twitter profile

Twitter profile pic

Many messages throughout the previous night were posted to twitter mentioning Angry Birds and how awesome it is.  I even had some of my regular Twitter fishing pals talking about their love for Angry Birds out in the open.  The plushie pic on the profile was just icing on the cake.

Facebook personal profile

But of course I had to take it a step further and spread the love to Facebook.  The pic above is my personal profile with a picture from Think Geek of a gentleman hugging an Angry Birds plushie.

April fools facebook page

Facebook page with pics

Above is the Functioning Fishaholics Facebook fan page all decked out with the “Angry Birds AND Anger Management” logo as well as some awesome Angry Birds pictures I found online.  The profile change also sparked some discussion on Facebook about the awesomeness of Angry Birds Rio.

Even @angrybirdsmovie got in on the fun

Even @angrybirdsmovie got in on the fun

As you can see this campaign of April Tom-foolsary even drew in a bona fide random Angry Birds Twitter fan comment!

All in all the prank was a blast!  I even was able to trick one of our very own Functioning Fishaholics.  Kris a.k.a. the massive Crappie slayer was even fooled into thinking I had begun a new obsession and given up fishing!

What a great way to end a long week.  I hope all of you in South Eastern PA are going to take advantage of the early Trout season opener tomorrow.

I’m going to wrap this up, clean this up, and get ready for an awesome day of fishing tomorrow with Mom on the BEAUTIFUL and mighty Skippack Creek!

Did you enjoy our little April Fools prank?  Even if you didn’t, leave us a comment below!



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  • Now I’m disappointed. I wanted wall to wall, in-depth coverage of all iterations of Angry Birds.

    Actually, I got your joke…but didn’t want to call it out in the comments. What fun would that have been? But then again, who would have read it…about 6 or 7 of our blogging friends decided to “retire” on April 1st…oh, those were April Fools jokes too?

    Have fun on the Skippy tomorrow. Catch a ton of trout, just none bigger than mine.

  • I gotta give you major props for coming up with this. The only thing I could think of was the KirkWerner, too and I wasn’t about to try to pull that off. So I just didn’t do anything. The Angry Birds thing was great. But I still need to know where I can play it. 🙂


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