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Do you believe in best friends?  Is it possible for someone to connect with you on such a level that whatever they do they will always have a special place in your heart?  Tonight an event happened that tested the limits of a best friends relationship.  This test would stretch the definition of a friend and challenge a Functioning Fishaholic to the utter limits of his compassion.

Let me introduce you to one of my best friends.  His name is Buddy.

Buddy getting into trouble

Not the incident in question...

Buddy is a Lab/Border Collie mix with a few health problems (seizures) and a giant heart.  As you can see from the picture above this wonderful bundle of canine love has a track record for getting into trouble and tonight was no exception.

Warning bathroom humor ahead

Last night something wasn’t right with Buddy.  He wasn’t his usual self and let’s just say there was a 2:45am “incident” involving the bathroom (where he sleeps) and a certain Canine bodily function.  Remember that scene from the Exorcist?  Anyway, please excuse the back story from the night before but I first want to make sure you know that what happened next is far worse than cleaning up after a dog at 2:45am.

The next morning

Wifey and I knew our pup was feeling under the weather but like responsible parents we both had to go to work.  He seemed OK when we left him and we were optimistic that things would be all better once we returned home in the evening.

Please don't leave me!

A sick dog will have his revenge!

Wifey was the first one home from work and had the pleasure of seeing the carnage first hand.  The bathroom was uh…  Let’s just say destroyed by a monster who spewed forth evil from both ends…  This STILL wasn’t the worst part (ok maybe for Wifey)

Speaking of Wifey, she’s a saint.  She puts up with me fishing all of the time and even serves as a front line of defense against “issues” like an exploding velocicraptor of a dog.  Although Wifey smiles and takes care of business, today would be the day that she and Buddy would have their sweet revenge.

Dad’s home

As I arrived home Wifey was almost done getting the bathroom back to normal.  I walked in the house, set down the food I had picked up for dinner (although neither one of us wanted to eat at this point) and began to change into more comfortable clothing for the night.

I'll be hiding in the office

A quiet voice and impending doom

“Baby?” a soft and timid voice questioned from the bedroom doorway, “I’m sorry… but your boots.”

My mind suddenly flashed back in time…  “Ya know, you really shouldn’t keep your boots in there.” she said as I placed my wading boots in the spare bathtub for storage.  “Aww don’t worry hun it’s where they belong!”  I wrongly stated a few months back.

My boots…  What happened?

At first panic filled my soul but then I let out a little chuckle…  She’s gotta be messing with me right?  I mean I keep my wading boots in the tub behind the shower curtain there’s no way Buddy could have…

I walked into the bathroom, a scene reminiscent of a funeral viewing.  My wife stood to the side, tears streaming down her face.  There was a deep tone of sadness in the air and a feeling of impending doom.  I pulled back the shower curtain to reveal the corpse of a dear friend…  My wading boots covered in a substance that can only be compared to something once seen in a Ghost Busters movie (but brown).

At this point I would have stabbed a human but this was different, this was man’s best friend, a 50lb ball of black fur and doggy meat.

How can you be mad at a poor little pup for being sick?

How could any creature do that to such a beloved (and barely used) brand new pair of wading boots?

But oh, he’s so cute and cuddly…

But what about the Trout, and Bass and…

Today I learned a very valuable lesson about being  a parent.  While I don’t have any “real” children of my own, I learned that sometimes children unknowingly ruin things that are near and dear to your heart.  Although my boots were new and some of the most comfortable footwear I’ve ever owned, this time the love for my dog won out.

The fishing Grinch’s heart grew two sizes today

While there was a good bit of Mennonite shunning towards Buddy I didn’t once yell or even project anger at my pup.  As much as I love fishing and my fishing gear, I guess there are some times in life where fishing needs to take a back seat to compassion and understanding.

Are we still best friends?  Only time (and a little soap) will tell!

YouTube Preview Image


Has your fishing reputation been soiled by a four legged friend?  Let us know in the comments below!




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  • There wading boots, take a hose to em’. What is the big deal?

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      BP It was horrific… there was no place to even lift them.

  • JM

    Nice looking dog. I’ve often wondered if mine were plotting against me.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Thanks JM he’s an awesome dog (other than this event)

  • What made Buddy so sick?

    Dogs do have their revenge – Buddy disguised his revenge as “being sick”. Nicely played, Buddy.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      He likes to eat pretty much everything outside… Probably ate something bad. He’s doing a lot better today after a little rice.

      • Nothing like a little rice to get them feeling better. Dallas ate something bad a few weeks ago. The whole house was covered in puke – at least we got lucky it was only from one end!

  • Things like this are why I have always been of the opinion that a dog’s place is in the yard. That said, I realize that not everyone has a yard and that some folks enjoy dog hair all over everything. 😉 LOL
    I really think that’s a nice lookin’ dog there and I hope he gets to feeling better very soon. For his sake, and the sake of anything else he can puke or poop on. 🙂

    I think you did the right thing. Poor guy can’t help it if he’s sick. If he chewed ’em up – that’d be different.
    He is cute, though. Do you take him fishin?

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      dogs get stinky when you keep them outside. I also like knowing that no one is going to enter my house “unannounced” without acquiring a few extra holes in the process…

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      oh and he asks to go fishing all the time I just haven’t figured out a good way to keep him on a leash while casting

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