Apr 182011

Caught a fish today

Caught this bluegill today on a spinner


I checked out a new “top secret Trout” hole today.  Although I wasn’t able to catch any Trout I did catch the Bluegill above.  He loved my gold bladed black spinner.  I also had couple more fish on the line but they got off.

There were actively feeding trout in the pond and one even jumped up about a foot out of the water!  I use an exclamation point here because I’ve never seen a stocked Trout feed so aggressively.  It made me wish I brought my fly rod.

Phantom Midge (Chaoboridae)

Image via Wikipedia

I also saw some really large midges flying around and I’m guessing that’s what the trout was going after.  Lately I’ve seen a lot of midges large and small while out on the local streams and ponds.  I have a  little more to post on that but it’s getting late.  Maybe tomorrow…


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