Apr 032011

I got a chance to hang out with some really good friends last night.  While I didn’t want to have a traditional “birthday party” they still made sure to get me this “non-birthday cake”.

Picture of a fisherman's birthday cake

Best Cake EVER!

These Amazing friends do not fish but I think they understand (and support) my sickness.  This has to be the best birthday cake I’ve ever had.

Sorry mom the Gobots cake you made for my 10th birthday is now in 2nd place.


Have you ever had non-fisher-people do something completely awesome and fishing related for you?  Let us know in the comments section below!


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  • I have a drawer full of stuff I’ll never use that I got from well intentioned friends.
    I don’t use one Swiss army knife, let alone do I need 4.
    Good garage sale items some day.

  • That cake is fantastic!! My family and friends always buy me fishing related things, some useful and some not so much, but it always feel good that the gifts are so thoughtful! Of course the fact that we give smoked salmon and bags of prawns to everyone helps!

  • You’re one lucky guy, I’d say! I did get a surprise party once, when I was about 20. That was pretty cool. Does that count?

    Did you save me any cake? What? no? Awwww man.

    Happy (non)birthday!

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      OK well I have 1/2 a cake left… 1/4 of that can go to Ken, (I’ll take a few of those Swiss Army knives). 1/4 can go to Pink (I always have room for prawns). 1/4 can go to Owl (because it’s the perfect size to cram into the flybox I still gotta ship to him).
      That leaves 1/4 for me (just don’t tell wifey I gave away all the cake)

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