Apr 022011

Blogging with my phone here in bed.  Less than 2 hours until us folks in SE PA can start fishing approved trout water.

My big question of the day is what tactic should I use to land those sweet, stocked, rainbow trout?

Will it be bait,  spinner, or fly?   Choices choices!

picture of Berkley Powerbait

Tower of Power Bait

Picture of Spinners and misc. tackle

Will I be rockin' spinners?

picture of fly should I use flies for trout on opening day?

Flies on on opening day?


See you on the water.

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  • Last year at IL’s trout fall trout opener, I tried fishing with a fly for several hours with no success as I watched people pull them in left and right with powerbait/corn/minimarshmallows. Don’t know why but they wouldn’t even look at my offerings.

  • Luke McLeod

    You need to give them a couple of extra weeks to get into their natural feeding habits. Stocked fish are used to eating anything of a certain size (i.e. Trout Chow, now called AquaMax) that is thrown in their pen at the hatchery. They will not recognize flies as a food source until hunger drives them to seek out more natural forage. It takes a little extra patience, but it will be well worth it. About the same time trout begin eating flies (and taking yours) they will stop taking baits and the rush of anglers will die down and leave you with peace, quiet and fish that will help teach you the art. Luke

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