Apr 192011

Ever get the urge to blow off a few rounds after a hard day of work?  Nothing like taking aim on a poor defenseless animal in a cage and popping off a few shots.  Today’s victim is this little gray squirrel.

This little guy is gonna get it

Yep he’s stuck in this cage and I’m gonna shoot him…  With my camera…

Had you going didn’t I?

YouTube Preview Image


Trust me if this guy were eating wifey's plants SHE would have taken him out...

Now let me set the record straight, I don’t have anything against hunting.  If I had a hunting license and this squirrel was running free in the woods…  Well I reckon I’d convert him into some fly tying materials.

Lucky for Mr. (or Mrs.) Squirrel I set this trap to catch a troublesome “whistle pig” that has been eating my wife’s tulips.  After snapping some quick pictures and a short video I set this little guy free (something’s gotta feed the neighborhood hawks).

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  • Heck, I’d have no issue with shooting it in the cage if you were planning to eat it. No different than how our society dispatches chicken, pigs, or cattle! And arguably the squirrel led a full, wild, as-God-intended life.

    Where I get my hair raised is when folks would refer to such an activity as a “hunt.” Which it’s not – obviously!

  • Forget the squirrel. I want the whistlepig! Once you catch that sucker…I’m screaming BBQ. Okay, maybe not, but I want updates on the quest. Can’t wait to see if it escalates to Caddyshack proportions.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      The last time I caught one I did it in about two hours. So far I’ve bagged 2 (or maybe the same one twice) squirrels. This whistle pig is elusive… Just call me Carl Spackler…

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