May 182011

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day…  Will it ever stop raining in South Eastern Pennsylvania?  Seems like there has been 40 days and 40 nights of off and on rain.

My hands arms and legs have been shaking uncontrollably lately.  It starts with  a small twitch and pretty soon my whole body starts shaking.  A single thought, an idea of something outdoors, a hook, a rod, a reel.  Addiction.  My name is Matt and I am a Functioning Fishaholic.

Today while the National Weather Service was busy declaring a tornado warning for central Montgomery County, I sat at work listening to the rain and wind howl overhead, wishin’ for some fishin’.

Now before I continue I’d like to say that none of the weather in PA can hold a candle to the floods that are taking place on the Mississippi river.  The midwest is going through some tuff times and my heart goes out to everyone. Hopefully the water subsides soon so you can get back to normal life (and fishing) again.

deer on a porch - Mississippi floods

At least the hunting's good...

Not a month has gone by this year where I haven’t braved the elements to wet a line.  In January and February it was fishing through Ice.  March and April involved spring showers and trout power (bait).

So why does the May rain have me off my game?  It doesn’t.  Today while I was driving home through a brief pause in the weather I noticed that even though it rained all day, the Perkiomen Creek was only a little bit high.

Those that live near the Perkiomen Creek know that it likes to overflow its banks at the slightest sign of rain.  The Perkie is a wild, easily flooding creek that often overflows its banks and consumes everything in its path.

Today however, the water was only a little high.  I decided to make a go of it and attempt an hour or so of fishing.  With the water a little high and slightly stained I knew the fishing wasn’t going to be easy but then again nothing worth doing is ever easy.

I pulled my telescoping spinning rod combo from the trunk and decided to do a quick run through the lures I keep in my fishing vest.  After a few different spinners I decided to give one of my deer hair jigs a try.

Rockbass caught on the Perkiomen Creek


This chunky Rockbass decided to slam my jig on the very first cast.  I was surprised at the size as most of the Rockbass in the Perkiomen Creek and surrounding area are usually much shorter.  From the looks of it this Rockbass was also pregnant.  I decided to get the fish back into the water quickly before any eggs popped out.

The bugs were out full force on the Perkiomen creek tonight. It looked like at least two different types of aquatic insects were active.  Lots of small baitfish were eating bugs off of the surface and I also saw a few HUGE fish jumps (most likely carp).

Sometimes one fish is enough (to stop the shakes).  Today wasn’t an epic fishing trip but at least mother nature decided to give me one hour of non-flooded fishing!

Have you or someone you love been troubled by rain or floods lately?  Is it screwing up your fishing?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • I can’t really say anything about floods given the conditions elsewhere around the country, but we just had a week of rainy, gloomy, cold weather. I got out Wednesday, but not enough to calm my shakes.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      I’m hoping for nice weather Saturday. I need to start carching some “real” fish!

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