May 222011

I did some fly fishing on the East Branch of the  Perkiomen Creek this afternoon.

Smallmouth on the fly

Although the weather report was calling for rain, the afternoon remained dry, somewhat warm, and even sunny at times.

East Branch Smallmouth Bass

The fishing was good

I decided to try my luck on a new section of the creek that I hadn’t fully explored before.  I tied on a black wooly bugger and began to work my way downstream.  My first (almost) fish of the day was a NICE rainbow trout.  I had the trout about halfway in, I could see he was a beaut but with one little wiggle he sent my fly flying back towards my face.  DENIED.

I continued to work my way downstream and ended up working a few pools around a bridge.  The two Smallmouth Bass you see above were two of the four I caught by the bridge.

The third Smallmouth Bass I caught on the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek

PA fishing license well used

This was my third Smallmouth Bass I caught on the wooly bugger.  Although these fish weren’t very big they were hitting my fly on almost every cast and I was having a great time.  I’m usually quite happy as long as I’m catching fish and making good use of my PA fishing license!

Rock bass caught on a wooly bugger

Rockbass on the East Branch Perkiomen Creek

This Rockbass came from the shadows and obliterated my wooly bugger.  There are a lot of Rockbass in the East Branch Perkiomen Creek and for their size they are pretty hearty fighters.

The next Smallmouth Bass I caught was a first for me.  I’ve caught a lot of strange looking fish in my lifetime, some with bite marks, missing fins, etc. but this was just weird.

Smallmouth Bass with only one eye

Yarr I be a pirate fish!

In case you missed it, the pirate fish above only has one eye.  Yep that’s right, the wooly bugger flies I tie are so good that even half blind fish can find em!

Bluegill on a foam beetle

Later in the evening I decided to swap my fly to a foam beetle to see if I could get any topwater action.  I landed a couple of bluegills.

Pregnant bluegill


There were some yellow/white mayflies flying around randomly so I decided to switch to the closest thing I had in my limited fly box.  The fly I used has a red body and judging from the pregnant Bluegill I caught red thread must be a trigger for mommy Bluegills with food cravings.

All in all I had a great time.  As a novice fly fisherman I can see my skills improving with each trip I make.  Although my casts are still far from perfect, I was able to maintain some nice control today.  I learned more about  looking for subtle cues to bites in the current.  Most of the fish I caught were small to medium sized but I still got some great practice learning how to fight stronger fish on my fly rod.  It amazes me how different fishing with a fiberglass fly pole is compared to my usual spinning rod.  The extra length and softness of the fly rod give life and challenge to landing even a small bluegill.

I love fly fishing and today was a heck of a day for my 2011 PA fishing license!

Fish Count:

  • 3 Bluegill
  • 1 Rockbass
  • 4 Smallmouth

You can check out the complete 2011 stats for the Functioning Fishaholics on the Fishcount page


Were you or a friend able to go fly fishing this weekend?  Have you ever caught a pirate fish?  Let us know in the comments below!



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  • Nice job! I’ve heard of people calling blind fish “Stevies” (Think Stevie Wonder)

    Nice smallies, I love smallmouth on the fly.

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