May 082011

I made an after work stop to the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek last Tuesday.  It was a warm and fairly sunny May evening.  Sparse clouds were rolling through and other than a few light raindrops, the weather was perfect.

Picture of a pool on the East Branch Perkiomen Creek

East Branch Perkiomen Creek

I started this trip with my spinning rod and one of the inline spinners I had recently made.  And the fun began…

Picture of a Rock Bass caught on east branch of perkiomen creek

Rock Bass Bite was on

The Rock Bass bite was on FIRE!  Almost every cast I was pulling out a 6-8″ Rock bass.

Rock Bass picture on the east branch of the perkiomen creek 5-2-2011

They were lovin' the inline spinner

Seven Rock Bass in a row were landed on my gold bladed inline spinner.  I was catching them by slowly dragging the lure through the rocks in the shallows.  The bite was super aggressive and cast after cast they were hammering my bait.  I was beginning to think my method of fishing was unfair.  Each cast resulted in a powerful strike with almost every other cast landing a fish.  Being a sporting sportsman, I decided to fetch my fly rod from the car.  I figured that if these fish were this active I’d add a little challenge.

Bluegill caught on the fly at the East Branch of the Perkiomen creek

Bluegill on the fly

What’s this?!  Oh yes the obligatory bluegill.  To have a true fishing trip you need at least one bluegill, it’s a law of nature.  This fish was the first one I caught on the fly at the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek.  He was just a little guy but with my fledgling fly fishing skills each fish I catch on the fly is meaningful.

One more Rock Bass

One more Rock Bass

Here’s the last fish I caught that evening.  Another Rock Bass, this time on the fly.

All in all I had a great after work fishing trip on the Perkie.  There is something wonderful and rebellious about fishing in your “work clothes”.  Our society forces us to wear specific clothing to be professional.  Whether it’s a pair of khakis or a uniform, professionals gotta play dress-up.  This is how we are judged by our peers and corporate overlords at work.

The water judges us by our actions, not by what we wear.  On the water being professional centers around what you do.  Things like, not littering, not crowding another fisherman, not overplaying fish, define our professionalism.    You don’t have to wear the latest Simms gear to be respected by the water.  You just have to show up with an anglers heart and a rod in hand.

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  • Nice one Matt. Congrats on killin em with your own lures. That’s awesome. Totally agree with your pro take on fishing.

  • My first fish on the fly was a rock bass. They are nothing but fun and full of action. Glad to see you had a productive day.

  • But a half way decent pair of even leaky waders gets you a few more feet out into that water. Sometimes that’s just necessary.

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