May 032011

Last Saturday was the first day of real fishing this year.  If you’ve been following along you know that so far in 2011 the Functioning Fishaholics haven’t caught many fish.  A few stocked Trout, a nice Smallmouth Bass, and a Bluegill here or there but no serious fishing action.  This past Saturday was the beginning of a new chapter in the fishing story of 2011.  Lots of fish and even four different species caught in one day.

black crappie caught in montgomery county pa

Good fishin'

Jeff and I hit the water around 5:45am just as the sun was rising over our favorite secret spot.  While we were expecting a warm spring day we were greeted with a cool chill that would persist for most of the morning.  The water was unseasonably warm in this small lake and to our surprise a number of fish were awake and biting.

The Crappie bite was on

Lots o' fish

Jeff (as usual) started his normal routine of bringing in Largemouth Bass after Largemouth Bass with his Rapala Original Floater working the bait topwater.  The lily pads are starting to emerge and working the edges with the Rapala seemed to be the ticket for Largemouth bass in South Eastern Pennsylvania.

Picture of Jeff's first largemouth bass

A bunch of Bass for Jeff

While Jeff was working the Rapala I attempted to throw a bunch of my handmade custom lures.  I started with the Party Popper I made over the winter.  It worked like a tank bumping its way through the pads and popping a wall of water the size of a dinner plate.  While the Popper was an impressive prototype it was only able to get a small amount of interest from the Bass.

Jeff's big largemouth of the day

Jeff's biggest of the day

Jeff on the other hand kept having luck with the Original Floater.  The Largemouth Bass above was his largest of the day.  She must have just dropped her eggs as her belly was almost as thin as paper.

I think I’m going to write a letter to Rapala to see if they will sponsor this guy.  According to legend Jeff keeps 16 spare copies of the same Rapala Original Floater in his underwear drawer just in case he ever gets a snag.

Functioning Fishaholics record crappie

Nice Crappie, all day

My luck on Saturday was Crappie…  As in the fish.  The shot above is one of the many 10″ Crappie I caught during our five hour trip.

Image of a really dark Crappie

This Crappie was DARK!

I caught all of my Crappie using one of my brand new home/hand made inline spinners.  The spinner I made had a big golden Colorado blade and some orange/pink beads.  I should have a post up on the site soon about all of the new tackle I’ve been making lately so keep your eyes peeled!

The highlights of the day included a new Functioning Fishaholics Crappie record by yours truly.  This Crappie was 11 inches and you can read more about it here:  Springtime Crappie In PA

We also landed a few Pickerel that day.

Pickerel caught on an inline spinner

My Pickerel

This was one of the Pickerel we caught.  I found him by carefully threading my inline spinner through some lily pads near the shoreline.  The fight was fairly short but I could tell that this fish had plenty of strength!

All in all the day was full of great fish.  Officially the count was as follows:

10 Largemouth Bass
10 Crappie
1 Bluegill
3 Pickerel

So there you have it, two Functioning Fishaholics, one canoe, five hours of fishing, twenty-four fish, four species of fish, and one heck of a good time!

Check out our gallery over on Facebook for more pictures of this trip!


How’s the fishing in your neck of the woods?  Are the warm water species starting to bite?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Congrats Guys! Nice haul.

    Matt, sounds like you might’ve won the crappie category in the derby Josh (@somefishblog) fished in.

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