Jul 132011

Went out for a little after work fishing on the Perkiomen Creek last night.  I’m in the process of trying to prove that there are some REALLY big Smallmouth Bass in the creek.  So far I’ve been able to hook into some nice 15″ Smallmouth but not anything much larger than that.

Last night the temperature was in the mid 90’s and even though I was sweating bullets in my Simms fishing vest I still managed to find a few fish.

Perkiomen Creek Largemouth Bass

Perkiomen Creek Largemouth Bass

My first fish was this Largemouth Bass.  Sorry for the death grip in this shot but he was a little too small to lip and he was flipping around like crazy!  I don’t catch many Largemouth on the Perkiomen Creek so this guy was a rare treat!

I’m always amazed at how fish from a stream seem so much stronger and feistier than similar species from lakes.  Jeff and I talked about this the other day and we agreed that it may be due to the fact that stream fish are constantly fighting the current and perhaps it increases their muscular strength.

picture of a bluegill from the perkiomen creek

Preggers Bluegill

This Pregnant bluegill went after my 3″ black Senko.  Crazy to think that this fish is probablly only two inches longer than the bait it was trying to eat.

Are there smallmouth bass in the Perkiomen creek?  YUP.

Perkiomen Creek Smallmouth Bass

Here’s one of two Smallmouth Bass I caught tonight.  Pound for pound the Smallies from the Perkiomen Creek all seem to be great fighters!  Even though I used 10lb line these guys gave my fairly light rod a run for its money.

Here's another smallmouth from the perkie

Smallmouth #2

This Smallmouth Bass was the larger of the two.  I think someone should put a warning label on Senko lures.  THEY ARE ADDICTIVE!  I’ve never been a huge fan of plastic but after this summer I’m an addict.

I really think most people miss a lot of strikes when trying to fish these lures properly since having a slack line is one of the best ways to make sure the Senko is falling properly. Maintaining a slack line while feeling and watching for bites takes concentration and makes these baits great fun!

I’m starting to really get a feel for using Senkos and so far they’ve been the most reliable lure for catching Bass in the area.  I’m thinking about building a run and gun strategy alternating a Buzzbait and a Senko.  Sort of a “if they strike short dive bomb em” strategy.

Anyway more on that after I complete some more testing…

Time for a public service announcement:

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Ghost Originals, Painted By An Artist

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Are you catching Smallmouth on the Perkiomen Creek?  Let us know in the comments below!















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  • Mel

    Enjoyed dropping over for a visit and reading about some “Smallie” fishing. Pound for pound what a great fighting fish! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ed

    Nice Catching!

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