Jul 302011

Met up with Mike from the best fly fishing, Trout, and Tenkara blog in PA Troutrageous!  for a personal guided tour of some of the awesome secret fishing hot spots on Valley Creek.

A Troutrageous! Guide

We started the day around 7am.  There was lots of hiking and bushwacking to get in to some of the prized runs and pools along Valley Creek.  Mike was a kind host and gave me first crack at many of his favorite spots.  As a rookie fly fisherman I did my fair share of snagging trees and walking through good fishable water to remove flies stuck under rocks.  Mike didn’t complain even once!  He didn’t even get annoyed when I wanted to fish areas of water that he knew didn’t hold fish.

Any Trout in there?

While I have fished a small portion of Valley Creek once before, today’s trip encompassed about a mile and a half of water that was completely new to me.

I marveled at how cold the water in this creek remained even though it was 95 degrees outside!  At one point I even thought my waders were leaking due to the coldness of the water on the outside.

Butterflies, rocks, and clear water

We saw some signs of activity in the water and a few rises here and there but many of the Trout we saw in the Creek seemed to be taking it easy in the warm weather.

This is Mike casting

This is a picture of Mike casting.  I’m sure when he posts today’s adventure on Troutrageous! there will be plenty of pictures of me trying to pull my flies from trees and untying massive “wind” knots.


Valley Creek is a beautiful and strange place.  While hiking we actually came across a coconut.  Yes, I am the idiot that looked up into the treetops (as if a coconut tree would grow in PA).

Despite all of the good times, snags, and coconuts, Mike and I were only able to get a few bites the whole morning.  I’m pretty sure the best chance at landing a fish belonged to Mike (solely based on the volume and strength of the of adult language that erupted when it threw the hook).

Even if no fish were brought to hand, I still had a great morning on Valley Creek.  Once temperatures cool off a bit this will be a fun and challenging spot for me to fish.

Stay tuned for my next post about this afternoon’s fishing.  Yes I spent 10hrs fishing today and Yes I promise the next post has pictures of fish.

Ever try Trout fishing in 95 degree weather?  Have you gone fishing with other strange and amusing blogging celebrities?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Chrislewistx

    There’s my coconut. Ive been looking for that thing everywhere. hehehe

    Great blog….

  • That coconut, maybe a sparrow flew it in. It looks like it was a great outing even though the fish were sparse and the water low. Thanks for sharing!

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