Jul 242011

Boy do we like cake.  We like cake almost as much as fishing…

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So why are the Functioning Fishaholics eating cake and not fish?  In case you missed the title or the pic above, the  Functioning Fishaholics blog turned one year old today!  That’s right, just one year ago the fishing insanity peaked and this “literary masterpiece” was born.

We have no idea why we haven’t been committed to a mental ward yet for this excessive fishing gluttony but while we are roaming free let’s do some counting:

In our first year

  • 109 Published Posts
  • 872 Twitter Followers
  • 5,180 Tweets
  • 89 Facebook Likes
  • 77 Google+ ers
  • 7 YouTube Videos
  • 2 Web Hosting Companies
  • 2 Blog Platforms

What an amazing year it has been!  But enough with the tooting of our own horn.  I’d like to thank a few people/blogs for really welcoming The Functioning Fishaholics into the world of outdoor blogging.  I could fill 20 posts with all of the amazing people we’ve met out there but I’m going to try to stick to the top 5 that made a difference early on.

Picture of a fisherman's birthday cake

Best Cake EVER!

T!  Number one with a T!  Troutrageous Mike has been there since the beginning and even though his blog is full of a lot of useless crap that has nothing to do with fishing, he’s still one of the best fishing bloggers on the web.  He also has a keen understanding of how blog promotion works and although we don’t like to post pictures of hot chicks in thongs on The Functioning Fishaholics, we still use some of his 2nd tier advice.

2.  The Outdoor Blogger Network –  The OBN was formed soon after we started this blog.  We got our foot in the door early and got to share in the bottomless pool of knowledge that Joe and Rebecca have in the outdoor blogging world.  They gave us gear to review and promotion through their community news section.  In the early days this news section accounted for almost HALF of the traffic coming to our site and we want OBN to know that we really appreaciate their site and all of the promotion that it gave us!

3.  Owl Jones – I have a bit of hesitation here but I mean it when I say, Owl Jones may be the only cat lover I have ever liked.  Owl is the Jim Carrey of the fly fishing world and lucky for him my favorite move is The Cable Guy.  I can also say Owl is the only man who has ever gotten me to write on my chest with a permanant marker (on film).  Whenever I think I’m getting too silly I look over at Owl and say Naaa….  Owl did it last week!

4.  Fishing in PA –  Nate from Fishing in PA.com was there from the start.  Even though he’s not as active as he was in the early days, Nate is still one of the original people I think about when I look back at the baby steps of this blog.  A fellow PA pal it was always good to know that someone else was catching fish (and usually bigger fish than us) in PA.

5.  Twitter – Ok I’m cheating a bit here.  Twitter has been the best social network for @funcfish since the beginning.  As we come close to the 1000 followers mark, I look back and realize that all of our blogger friends were made possible through interactions on Twitter.  Since I’m out of spots for the rest of the awesome people and blogs that have made a difference I’d like to leave you with a list of must follows in the world of fishing.  These people are more than just names behind an @ symbol, these are caring fishermen and women who are always there to share in every laugh and fish pic (no matter how small)


The oldest Twitter friends are at the bottom but please follow the entire list!

@ccamarco, @OneBugIsFake, @her3ma1, @ChrisChicoLopez, @NSTroutBum, @AJSutts, @theriverdamsel, @dvoproducer, @AncientAngling, @FishingPNW, @Flyentologist, @lordgreywolf, @CaseyKeener, @lukekujacznski, @YukonGF, @owljones, @SHARPSFA, @SomeFishBlog, @Lunkerville, @kyleindenver, @FoggyMtnMeander, @huntinthedream, @Jesperflugfiske, @BassMan_Euge, @BenGOutdoors, @socalsalty, @JasonDeCarlo, @Take_Me_Fishing, @fishandboat, @KayakFishPA, @visitPA, @Bass_Pro_Shops, @FactsofFishing, @totalfishing21, @Drumclog, @BassinDrB, @twreed, @vtbasser, @shefishes2, @PaFlyFish, @NAFishClub, @ghost1066, @ABadBackcast, @jim7226, @OBNetwork, @Tacticalbassin, @Outdooress, @Yough_Bass, @TheFisherbabe, @mgaryhanson, @FroggToggsGear, @troutrageous1, @FishingInPa
Were we jerks?  Did we leave your name off of the party invite list?  Don’t worry we still like ya!  Let us know all about it in the comment field below!

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