Jul 122011

We had a new Functioning Fishaholics Largemouth Bass record on Sunday from the secret spot.  In addition to the new record, Jeff and I caught a good number of fish.  Here’s some highlights.


Luckily that little turtle wasn’t deeply hooked.  We got him back in the water before he even noticed he was caught.

We were also quite fortunate that we didn’t catch that snapping turtle!  He was about two feet wide!  Even with a few shoves of a paddle the big snapper wouldn’t leave the side of the boat.  I believe he may have been trying to mate with the canoe!


Have you ever hooked a turtle by accident?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • You caught a little of everything. Good day in my book. I have caught more turtles than I can remember. When I catfish I have caught as many as 7 in 1 morning but the 2 biggest came the same day. 2 big soft shells with shells close to 2 feet long.

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