Aug 132011

Lately the weather in Southeastern PA has been awesome.  It’s almost like fall has come early.  The air is cooler and the water temperatures are way down.  I decided to head out to Deep Creek today to see if I could find a monster Smallmouth Bass that I almost caught a few months back.

Deep Creek Smallmouth 1 8-13-11

This Smallmouth had some nice spots

I tried a bunch of different lures on this trip but mostly got hits on Senkos and a medium sized popper.  The Smallmouth above was caught on a 3″ watermelon Senko.

Deep Creek Smallmouth 4 8-13-11


I can’t say the fishing was bad today (obviously) but what I can tell you is the bite was slow.  Deep creek is a highly pressured body of water so finesse and presentation is very important.

Deep Creek Smallmouth 5 8-13-11

I'm addicted to shots like these

As I walked through the park today there were a lot of folks fishing on the banks of Deep Creek Dam.  I always try to see what people are using for bait.  Today the folks fishing at Green Lane park were using 80% worms, 10% silver spinners, and 10% unknown lures.

Deep Creek White perch 8-13-11

Ooh look a White Perch

While I usually consider these an invasive species, the lone White Perch I caught today was a treat.  This fish was on the larger side for a White Perch and put up one heck of a fight when I tried to get him off of the hook.

Deep Creek Smallmouth 3 8-13-11

Almost looks like plastic

Don’t fish just look so darn cool?  This is a side view of one of the bigger Smallmouth Bass I caught today.

Deep Creek Smallmouth 2 8-13-11

This one will be HUGE next year

The bellies on some of these fish were just obscene.  The Smallmouth Bass at Deep Creek were gorging themselves on crayfish today, it was gross.  At one point it even looked like they might have been hunting in packs in the rocky shallows.  These fish were HUNGRY.

I caught another big Smallmouth today with a huge belly but I’m going to save him for an upcoming post entitled “Why Bass need fiber.”

Deep Creek Dam Largemouth Bass 8-13-2011

Popped this one on a Popper

My largest fish of the day was this Largemouth Bass.  After a few missed strikes this guy followed my Popper all the way up to the shoreline where it proceeded to obliterate it right in front of my face.

Oh and I found a new invasive species today…

wtf? Is this some sort of decorative fabric?


While I don’t know its proper Latin name, I’m pretty sure most people would call this a WTF? fish.  Perhaps it is in the same family as the boot fish, this specimen was displaying beautiful maroon and gold stripes just in time for mating season.

Today was awesome.  While I didn’t catch the monster Smallmouth I was hunting I still had one heck of a day!

Have you caught any strange and unusual fish species lately?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Mel

    Sure looks like a good bunch of Bass for the time on the water. Congratulations on a fine day! Love Smallmouth fishing when I get a chance, which isn’t very often, so I have to rely on guys like you to post up good stories.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Thanks Mel. I saw a giant Smallmouth today when I was fishing as well as a few others around 20″. I can’t wait to go back and try to catch em again!

  • Dude, you caught the PearlJam Flannelfish! I was just southeast of the PA line a few days ago and destroyed the bass at home there… is up this morning.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Nice bass! Is it just me or do their eyes look bigger than the ones I catch up here?

  • Looks like a fun trip of fishing! Even though you caught a few small ones, they are still fun to catch! It looks a like a great little place to fish just judging from the photos.

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