Aug 192011

Functioning Friday is all about fun.  What could be more fun that a beautiful HUGE Brown Trout crushing a poor defenseless mouse on the surface of the water?

Maybe you’ve already seen Once In a Blue Moon and the  amazing footage of what happens when Trout decide they want mice for dinner.  For those who haven’t seen this amazing flick, I present to you some other similarly themed films for your viewing enjoyment.  Happy Functioning Friday, Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


And there you have it, another fun filled Functioning Friday!

Have you ever caught a monster trout on a mouse?  Let us know in the comments below!




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  • I just heard Micky Mouse say ” we’re good to go.” WTHeck is the world coming to. *sigh.

    PS – you win. I can’t compete with interactive stuff. I didn’t even know that kind of technology existed. I wonder though – what would have happened if I’d picked the mystery thing? oh well….

  • Herman

    How dare those fish treat Mickey and Pluto like that! It raised my blood pressure. Also, what’s up with Mickey totally disregarding the “no fishing” sign? Some wildlife management person probably put it there. Outrageous.

  • stealth

    my mouse clicked on this link and it was about trout… does that count?

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