Aug 212011

Spent a few hours on the water last night at Peace Valley Park.  Lake Galena was nice and calm and there was a good deal of activity in the shallow water near the pier I was fishing from.

My first fish was caught on a white/purple shallow diving Shad crankbait.  This Largemouth was hanging out about 10′ from shore and hit the lure like a little monster.

Lake Galena Largemouth Bass1 8-20-11


Unfortunately… he did not wish to have his picture taken.

I caught the second Bass on the other side of the pier using a popper about 5′ from shore.

Lake Galena Largemouth Bass2 8-20-11

Nice light coloring

From what I could tell these Largemouth Bass were chasing baitfish.  At one point a 3″ baitfish jumped clean out of the water onto the bank and was almost devoured by a duck before it flopped back into the water.

I spent about 3 hours fishing at the pier and saw tons of Bluegill underneath.  I didn’t have any lures small enough for the Bluegill, otherwise I would have caught about 50.

If you are looking for a good place to take your kids fishing, I suggest trying below Lake Galena’s piers with worms.


Did you get to fish this weekend?  Let us know in the comments below!



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  • JM

    Nice work man! I always enjoy fishing in and around some of the piers in fresh and salt water. They give the fish lots of places to hide and lurk around for food , especially if they are built in the right spot 🙂

  • Sounds like you had some fun and needed some small crappie jigs with you!

    Those small bass are a ton of fun to catch and can often be found right off of shore hunting down baitfish.

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