Aug 282011

Going to keep this report short and sweet.


Went out fishing early in the morning, 5am.

Rock you like one of these

Hurricane Irene was rolling up on PA, expected to start raining at 9am.

Biot Free Bead Head Prince

I threw this

I was using some “biot free” Bead Head Prince flies I had tied up.

My first Brown Trout on the fly

Valley Creek, I caught my first Brown Trout on the fly.  This would be my only fish for the day.

Brown Trout from Valley Creek

Here's another shot of this nice Trout

This fish was awesome.  He jumped, he stayed on the line, he delivered a once in a lifetime experience for me.

Hero pose

This is an over photoshopped photo of the fly I used.  It did well.  It deserved a hero pose photograph.  It now rests comfortably in one of the trees at Valley forge National Park.

Valley Creek Rocks

Valley Creek rocks.  The weather held out until 11am.  Although I didn’t catch anything else that day, one was enough.


Do you remember your first trout on the fly?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  • You tied a winner!

  • Fantastic! It took me about 8 months to land my first trout on a fly. It was during a float with a guide on the Deerfield River in MA. Actually landed three that day and it started to get a little easier after that. Nothing better than landing fish in a fly you tied.

  • Kev

    My first trout was caught on a fly very similar to yours. It was a small 10inch stocked rainbow. Even though the fish was small the accomplishment felt enormous.

  • Well done! Glad you got the monkey off your back…great looking fly for a great looking fish. Cheers!

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      As a beginner to both fly fishing and tying I appreciate the kind words. Thank you!

  • Herman

    Congrats on the brown. Looks good. I’ve caught 1 fish in the past month and a half… so I’m pretty jealous. Hopefully I have some rainbows in the near future.

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