Aug 142011

Warning:  This post may contain references to poop.  Reader discretion is advised!

As I pointed out in my last fishing report, there was one fish who’s pictures didn’t make the cut.  There are some things that just aren’t proper to place in a fishing report.  So what do we do?  How bout a separate post all about fish, digestion, and poop?

YouTube Preview Image

The short video above is most likely a real scientists version of how fish digestion works.  Food goes in, waste comes out. While the video is chock full of interesting info, here on The Functioning Fishaholics we like to do things in reverse order.

Which brings us to this guy:

Deep Creek Smallmouth with issues

Nope, that's not an extra fin...

As you can see here, this fish seems to have grown what appears to be an additional fin.  Shall we look closer?

this smallmouth bass has a claw stuck

Fish, needs fiber, badly

Eww.  That’s no fin, that’s a Crayfish claw!  I felt really sorry for this greedy little glutton.  Perhaps someone should start making a fiber pill for fish.

Crayfish in Smallmouth bass mouth

You're still hungry?!

Funny thing about this Smallmouth Bass was he also had a half eaten Crayfish in his mouth.  Sorry about the overly bright picture here but it was the only way to see the claw.

While fishing I saw a gang of large fish roaming the water in packs and scaring Crayfish from their hiding places.  Perhaps their strategy for eating is causing them to over eat.   This fish had a fat belly which I can only imagine was packed full of yummy Crayfish.

smallmouth bass teeth

A toothy critter

I’ve read somewhere that when Smallmouth bass eat mainly Crayfish they tend to grow larger teeth.  This was the best picture I could get of Smallmouth Bass teeth on the trip.  Interestingly enough, these were a little smaller than the ones on the other fish I caught that day.  Almost like little needles, one of the fish I caught mouthed the top of my thumb and it actually hurt!

I love seeing new outdoor things for the first time.  Fish poop and Smallmouth teeth might not be something talked about by most people at the dinner table, but here at The Functioning Fishaholics we are fascinated by all things fish, even their poo.

Are you fascinated by fish poop?  Are you growing larger teeth from eating too many crawdads?  Let us know in the comments below!

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