Sep 182011

I’ve just been staring lovingly at these pictures for too long not to post them.  I found myself a nice fat Smallmouth Bass over at Deep Creek Dam a little while back (luckily WordPress lets me backdate posts!)

Here she is along with a few others I caught that day.

Smallmouth Bass on Deep Creek

Hey there piggy

What a fun fight.  I did my best to measure 18″ while balancing on the rocks and trying to size up this chunker.

What a beaut

Most of the fish I catch in the local streams don’t give my drag much of a workout.  While the fight didn’t last too long this fish did manage to make a few solid runs before coming to hand.

Little guy

It was good to see the little guys were biting.

another deep creek smallmouth bass

Not bad

This Smallmouth Bass was a decent size for the creek.

What the?

Boxer briefs and an air pump?  Looks like a Troutrageous! party

largemouth bass caught at deep creek dam

Ooh lookie here!

And just so you don’t go thinking I had a one species day, here’s a Largemouth Bass I was able to catch right before heading out.

With the sun setting and the mosquitoes bleeding me dry, I decided to call it quits.  I can’t wait to take another shot at this spot.  Last time I was here I saw some fish that were easily larger than the one I caught.


Been fishing lately?  Did you lose an air pump?  Let us know in the comments below!



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  • That is a nice little collection of catches there my friend! What did you catch them on and what were you fishing with?

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Sorry for the late reply! I caught them on a mix of gold bladed inline spinners and also watermelon Senkos

  • Nice catches, smallies of all sizes are fun!

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