Sep 082011

Jeff and I returned to Marsh Creek last Saturday to see if we could rustle up some Largemouth Bass.  The last time we were on this lake was on June 18th over two months ago.  We were very excited to be back.

It was very obvious early on that Marsh Creek had a run in with Hurricane Irene.  The water was high and very green.  Usually the lake is clear for at least a few feet but on this day we were fishing in pea soup.

Marsh creek Largemouth 1 9-3-2011

Jeff's First

It was almost an hour after we got there that we found our first fish.  Jeff’s first  Bass was hanging out in the back of one of the coves in a foot of water.

Usually The Functioning Fishaholics do best when the sun is just coming up over the horizon.  Since I was late to the boat launch (BAD BAD MATT!) and we took the canoe across the lake first, we missed out on most of the dawn action.

Marsh creek Largemouth 4 9-3-2011

Hard fishin'

We had to vary up our game quite a bit to stay on the Bass that day.  Jeff and I have been lulled into the magic of the Senko worm.  It has produced awesome fish all summer but the dark green water at Marsh Creek was making it too hard to find fish.  Jeff opted for a Rapala Original Floater and was able to pull the first two Largemouth Bass of the day.

Marsh creek yellow perch 1 9-3-2011

My first

I have a confession to make.  When my lure strategy gets shot down I chronically search through my tackle box for an answer.  Pretty sure I was about 3 compartment boxes in when I stumbled upon this guy.  I decided to try a small chartreuse Crayfish crankbait I had found at Marsh Creek on a previous trip.  This Yellow Perch decided it was go time as we pulled the canoe into another cove.

Marsh creek Yellow Perch 2 9-3-2011

Yellow Perch #2

I caught my second Yellow Perch about 20 yards from where I found the first one.  Back in the murky cove, it seemed that bright chartreuse was the answer.

Marsh creek bluegill 1 9-3-2011

Jeff's catch of the day

Jeff caught a few more Bass and the lunker pictured above before the wind started kicking up.  We have had a few bad experiences with canoes and wind on Marsh Creek so once it got windy we decided to make a run back towards the dock on the other side of the lake.

Marsh creek Largemouth 2 9-3-2011


As we made our way back I landed this little guy.  I’m always amazed at how light the Largemouth Bass are at Marsh Creek.  The picture doesn’t show it very well but this one had almost no visible green on its body.

Marsh creek Largemouth 6 9-3-2011


About 100 feet from the dock I hooked into this fatty.  With clearer water on this side of the lake, the Senkos were working their magic.  I hooked this bass on a Gary Yamamoto Senko in Watermelon/Black color.  Talk about getting a big smile on your face after a hard day of fishing and fighting the wind!


How’s the fishing been lately?  Still feeling the effects of Irene?  Let us know in the comments below!



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  • Herman

    Those are nice looking fish. We don’t have yellow perch around here. Those look a lot cooler than the crap perch that eat all of my worms when catfishing.

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