Oct 162011

I walk a fine line between being an outdoorsman and being an out and out nerd.  If it’s not obvious by now, I absolutely love technology, especially anything related to the web, social media, blogging, online marketing, etc.  I constantly have the struggle, “Do I help them with fishing tips or do I tell them how to kick butt in the outdoor social media world?”

The great outdoors

That being said it is time for Funcfish.com to change direction.


I have good and bad news.


Bad news:  I’m no longer going to be posting technical posts like the one below on this site.


Good news:  There is another site (dare I say EPIC site) that is going to allow me to geek out 100% and give away all of my technological secrets.  Yes folks all of the blabbering I do about social this and wordpress plugin that will now be found on another site.  Please click the link below for an example.


I'll be nerding it out over here for a while

I really want to thank Rebecca over at The Outdoor Blogger Network for allowing me to express my geeky self over on their site.

So for super secret trade secrets of The Functioning Fishaholics head on over here

For the best online fishing addiction support group this side of Trappe PA stay right where you’re at!  On with the fish!

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  • You’re welcome!

    And actually, I should be thank you. I know based on the blogging tips I did in the past on the OBN, that the bloggers really appreciate any insight given, so I have no doubt you bringing your wisdom to that big blogging audience will be a huge benefit to everyone. The OBNer’s are gonna love ya!

    Plus…I’m looking forward to all your inside tech secrets myself!

  • Good advice about Twitter. And nice of you to share it with the OBN…we all appreciate it!

  • Well you be movin’ on uu-UP!

  • I checked it out and two words to say, NICE JOB.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Thanks Rick! Keep your eyes on the OBN I have a 3 page list of ideas (:

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