Oct 182011

Today is the first birthday of the Outdoor Blogger Network or as I like to call it “O-ne (of the) B-est (sites on the) N-et!

Happy B Day!

In case you’ve been living under a rock (and have never read this blog)…  The Outdoor Blogger Network is a website that specializes in helping bloggers like The Functioning Fishaholics.  There is a directory, forum, contests, awards, and even free promotion for your blog posts.  If you are a blogger this site is a GREAT time!

They are running lots of contests for their birthday this week so if you are a blogger who needs some great gear to review head on over to The Outdoor Blogger Network and check it out!


Disclosure:  I am biased in my opinion of the OBN.  They have given my humble blog so much support and gear to review(here and here) it is hard to be objective in how I talk about the site.  I’ve gotten awards on my writing, more shout-outs and free promotion than even I know what to do with.  To top it all off they have even been letting me write for them.  I almost felt bad about writing this post about their one year birthday because frankly I already wrote one on their page!  (:

I can’t say thank you enough to these guys but again THANK YOU!



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